Tuesday 3 August 2010

CairnsBlog VIDEO: Julia Spillard talks with ABC Far North's Fiona Sewell

As CairnsBlog grows in popularity (and unsaturated ego), with more and more ordinary folk engaging in social media in Far North Queensland, especially those that are politically active and interested in community affair, I'll be adding some new features in coming weeks.
First off the ranks, I'll be producing regular video blogs as we head into the meaty section of this low-fat election race. I've had a dedicated YouTube channel since 2008 (with around 26,000 views of 113 local videos I've shot).

I've asked all candidates in the local Leichhardt campaign (pronounced lie-cart) to face the CairnsBlog camera and tell their story. These will be un-edited. So far a few have agreed for a one-on-one with the grueling rigor of questioning from the most unorthodox blogger in Queensland.
I'll also be taking the camera to Mt Sheridan, Stockland Earlville, Raintrees, Redlynch and Smithfield shopping centres over the next little while to talk to real people and see what are their concerns. I look forward to your involvement.

Warren Entsch has kindly agreed and his vid will air in the next couple of days. Jen Sackley, who narrowly missed LNP pre-selection against Entsch, and is now running as an independent, will tell her story later this week. Should be juicy. I'm still waiting on Jim Turnour, or his secretary, to confirm where and when. You'll note that every party and the independents, are supporting CairnsBlog with advertising, with still one notable exception. Let's hope this changes.

To kick off the video series, here's the interview I filmed at the ABC Far North studios when the unreal Prime Minister, Julia Spillard, popped into Cairns and chatted with Fiona Sewell. She announced numerous policies and initiates to a grateful audience. Ms Spillard also talked with some callers whilst on air, however I think Fred believed he was talking to someone else with a similar name and an almost identical voice. You can get more of Julia in her toilet on her YouTube channel.


Dicky Nee said...

ROFL. Just read where Tony Abbott is promising to levy "big business" to pay for his paid parental leave. However he reckons he "doesn't know for how long, because he doesn't know what a mess Labor will leave".
Christ...that would have to be the funniest statement of the election....I'm going to give you this and give you that..but I dunno for how long, because the other side have left me a bloody mess....
Well, now we know how to electioneer...hehehehehe.

Alison Alloway said...

Dunno if that is at all funny, Dicky Nee. It is downright dishonest. Personally, I have mixed feelings about paid parental leave. Lots of businesses simply would not be able to afford such a scheme. As it is right now, a lot of small traders go without themselves in order to pay their staff. I think the Goverment payment of $5,000 per new baby should be sufficient for couples to budget on while one wage is coming in.

CRAG said...

The biggest issue is
"the People v the Banks" ...
a National Peoples Bank with home Loans @ 1%,Business @ 3%.is whats needed to replace the greedy Oz Banksters who are insolvent with exposure to over $14 TRILLION of "Mortgage Derivatives".

Combine this with abolition of personal income tax and a business tax of 10% on revenue, and our saving-spending power will jump by 88%... we'll get out from under the debt yoke and the economy will soar.

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)