Tuesday 3 August 2010

Rudd rat-fucks Gillard

David Farrar writes in Kiwiblog from across the ditch...
  • Gillard is in trouble. And it is not Tony Abbott doing the damage, but almost certainly Kevin Rudd.

    A poll has the coalition ahead 52% to 48%, and on radio John Pagani said that he had heard that Labor’s polling was not looking good in the all important marginal seats. So how has it happened?

    Well first there was the leak to Laurie Oakes about the deal with Rudd for him to stay on until October, which Gillard walked away from. As only three people witnessed it, not hard to guess who put that out there.

    Then came the leak that in Cabinet Gillard fought against Labor’s paid parental leave scheme. This has
    damaged her amongst “babyland”. Gillard also tried to limit pension increases – hell I am liking her more and more. But the public are not. And again no prizes for guessing the likely leaker.

    And the latest leak also has Rudd all over it – a
    revelation that Gillard sometimes sent her bodyguard to meetings of the Cabinet national security committee. That one may be especially damaging.

    And in case there is much doubt it is Rudd, Alexander
    Downer reveals that the former Liberal Government used to feed info to Rudd when he was a junior Labor MP, knowing Rudd would use it to undermine the Labor Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, as Rudd wanted his job.

    Is it just me, or do Rudd and Chris Carter seem somewhat alike – both try and rat-fuck their leaders, because they had their travel perks and status taken away?


nocturnal congress said...

Now you know why Rudd had to go.
Latham always said Rudd used to ingratiate himself with the media by telling spiteful tales out of school. That one about Julia opposing pension increases sounds just typical of a porkie.

Syd Walker said...

This Kiwiblog analysis is rather like Laurie Oakes spin recyled.

A few points it doesn't mention:

(1) Some of the leaks have been 'anti-Rudd'. (2) Even private conversations betwen known participants can be bugged. (3) It is possible that NO-ONE in the ALP leadership is responsible for the leaks, which are of zero benefit to any of them. There are other possibilities. (4) Do the handful of journalists who mysteriously get these marvellous leaks themselves have an agenda by any chance? Are they serving anyone else's agenda?

The story of these 'leaks' may be as Laurie Oakes and Chris Uhlmann hint. Or it may be quite different.

What's clear is that it has wasted at least a week of the nation's time, while we all debate utter trivia selected and served up to us by a handful of unelected, unnaccountable protagonists.

Alison Alloway said...

Syd, these are obvious political tactics to try and counter Gillard's popularity with women. Research has consistently shown that Tony Abbott was actively disliked by women for his anti-gay stand, anti-abortion views and his delaying of the cervical cancer vaccines to teenage girls when he was Minister (John Howard had to personally intervene). In a Womens Weekly magazine interview last year, Abbott also admitted he had told his daughters that their most precious asset was their virginity.

All of these out-dated views point to Abbott being some kind of speedo wearing mad Mullah.
Then again, we remember other politicians who claimed to be "Christians" with "good moral values" who were subsequently revealed as disgusting paedophiles.

I suspect the "leaks" are nothing but sheer political skulduggery to manipulate the womens vote.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

If politicians employed the 3 Rules they would not have to look over their backs or worry about leaks.

3 Rules ??: honesty, integrity, transparency.

In fact, it's not only pollies, but if we could all attempt to live our lives in a similar manner, how much easier & simpler our world could be.