Wednesday 4 August 2010

Following the real Julia Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Labor MP for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour, at the famous Skyrail today. "Does my nose look big in this?"

Today I went for a ride, right behind Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard.
I rolled up with Shayne Thompson from Savannah Marketing, a local innovative cameraman, to record Julia and Jim's visit to the rainforest above Skyrail.

Gillard and Turnour announced $9.3 million for a Daintree rainforest observatory, with an additional $4.5 million over the next five years from James Cook University to run the facility.
"This project will boost construction, research and tourism jobs in tropical North Queensland, helping to building a modern economy," Gillard said.

Two million domestic and international visitors a year come to Cairns and the region.

Julia was also kind enough to complete my eBay copy of the Australian Woman's Weekly, with her signature on the cover.

"Just in case Tony gets a cover on Men's Health, will you sign this Julia?" I asked.

Senator Carr, along with Jim Turnour, looked on, and were happy to be out of the limelight for just a minute, as she obliged with my request, noting it was nice to have a blogger in today's media entourage.

Depending on the election outcome, it might fetch a nice income on eBay.

More on travels with the election circus later.


stefan said...

You could have had a shave you scruffy bugger hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Syd Walker said...

This is starting to look like a HUGE national story...

Senational new leak: Rudd blamed for internet filter!

Lil at Ys said...

Seconded by Lillian at Yorkeys

Queenie said...

Interesting that Turnour has not made a sound about the Daintree Rainforest Observatory until now. Is this a new project, just announced. Does anyone know about this?

Or is this simply spin???? Julia throwing a few dollars towards Leichardt so Jimmy can have his seat back?

Sorry guys, cynicism gene is paining me this week.

It's a shame parties cannot nominate a couple/few people for each electorate.

I want to vote Labor so Mad Abbot doesn't get in, but I definitely don't want to vote for Turnour.
Yes, I can vote Greens - like I did as a default last time.

Bazza said...

Gee Michael, you must have missed Tony Abbots visit on monday, nothing to report anyway. I was hoping you might have had a chance to ask Paul Freebody if he could confirm or deny the rumour that Tony Abbots dick tastes salty.

Alison Alloway said...

Alright you boys, can you stop this bawdy rot. There are serious issues to discuss.

giggles said...

If you have any doubt that we are not the only ones that think jim turnour is an absolute goose loook at this .