Monday 2 August 2010

The event - Jim and Warren. Federal Election debate for Leichhardt this Friday at 5:30pm

After much gossip, conjecture and predictions that it wouldn't happen because one of "them" wouldn't confirm, this Friday will be your only chance to see Jim Turnour and Warren Entsch exchange a Frenchie in front of a loving crowd of well-wishers.
This will no doubt be the Cairns event of this gripping election season. Snigger.
The debate will be hosted by Cairns Forum, the lovely folk who last time bought us a panel bigger than the Queensland State deficit. Last November's forum, that I touted as the "last sloppy supper, including Judas" proved to be a right old shindig affair. It was a who's who of who wanted to be noticed.
You'll need to get yourself along this Friday at 5:30pm (it starts sharp at 5:30pm) to the Shangri La Hotel.
  • WHEN 5:30pm this Friday 6th August
    Shangri La Hotel at the Pier, Trinity Room - entry via the main lobby.
    Cost: $20 per person - pay cash at the door.
    (The organisers say this is to cover costs for hosting the event)
RSVP to Cairns Forum via email to Advance Cairns, Skene Kemp, or telephone 4080 2900.


Syd Walker said...

Have I understood this correctly? In this general election, the only public debate between the two major party candidates in this region will be held as a fee-paying event, sponsored by the development lobby?

That really says it all.

Wake up people. Satirists, just a generation ago, would have been pressed to invent tales like this.

Tom said...

Twenty dollars? Who decided that this should be the venue? What's wrong with two soapboxes in Forgarty Park. Unbelievable! Where are the Greens holding theirs ... and how much?

Proud to be a Jew said...

Syd don't be a whinger and miserable. Pay the 20 bucks and get on with it. The balance proceeds are going to a charity.Your excluded from applying.

Michael, Cairns said...

Is it BYO chair too?

Frank said...

I hope you will be attending, Mike, with your trusty recorder, and will transcribe every word to this blog!

Hesus said...

Funny syd acting like a zionest .
Pay the money you tight arse.

Marcia Breen said...

Is Friday night's debate being webcast by any chance?

Miss Chief said...

Why would anyone pay hard earned money to see Timid Jim being bullied by Woeful Warren? We're all aware that this is Warren's last hurrah and I'm hoping that it's only going to be a couple of weeks befoe he rides off into the sunset on his bike.
What I'd really like to see is ALL the candidates for Leichardt given a chance to debate. I don't have to vote in Leichardt and for that I'm really grateful.

Miss Chief said...

Hey Frank...not even Mike would be able to transcribe(read translate) the wiffle and waffle that will the result of any recording effort.

Thaddeus said...

I wonder if Entsch is clear in his mind, this time around, about the meaning of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct in relation to business interests? (See 7.30 Report 10/6/1999) From memory, Howard had a few of his team who were "confused" about its meaning.

The Royal Guardsmen said...

Hey Syd thought about manning the doors to the venue, lets say for the Greens and then you can get an ear full, an eye full and even a gut full of what you do not want to pay for.

Syd Walker said...

That's an enchanting idea Royal Guardsmen. Who said voluntarism is dead?

I had considered setting up my own fee-paying vomitarium, which I'd position close to the entrance.

That way I could provide a useful public service and even turn a profit out of the event.

nocturnal congress said...

Great idea Syd. Now just remember the venue...Shangri La Hotel, the Pier. Be there or be square. You too Brian.