Monday 2 August 2010

Election "fraud" by the Australian Electoral Commission

This just in from Kevin-John Morgan. Go figure.
  • FROM Kevin Morgan
    DATE 2 August 2010 18:10
    SUBJECT Election Fraud

    G'day there at CairnsBlog,

    Well there you have it, the perfect evidence of Fraud, perpetuated by the AEC.

    I had an application filed, signed, fingerprinted, and accepted......paid the $500(crisp $100 bills), and waited for a decision concerning my choice of name on the Ballot Paper.

    It came down to some person in the AEC legal dept in Canberra to eventually tell us, we could NOT have my name written in the manner requested, such as: Kevin-John: Morgan.

    The reason given was only a personal "view", that the AEC would not accept the name, but then the other reason proves beyond a doubt that there is complete bias at the organisation which clearly states on its website they are Strictly Politically Neutral!!!

    What is wrong with this picture, when a great many people in Cairns who expected to see my name on the ballot are now very disappointed to say the least?

    I feel I should take up a legal challenge but there are no funds for such a thing from a pensioner...and they know it.

    What caught them ALL by surprise at the Electoral office, was something they had never seen.

    An application filled out in Quantum, Autographed, Certified with a fingerprint, and where it clearly says OR it allows you to choose which name you wish to appear on the Ballot, it DOES give you a choice.....however, my choice was deinied [
    sic], AFTER the money had been banked!!! Go figure!

    Kevin-John: Morgan. (Bluey)


CBD Warrior said...

Well that's HIS story. I'm quite sure the real story is vastly different.

Chris Forsberg said...

A tip for Bluey aka KEVIN-JOHN Morgan.

G'day Bluey Morgan - and bloggers all. Bluey - sorry to read about
your knock back from the AEC - but,
mate, it's not indicative of fraud,
incompetence or malpheasance of any

UNLESS you've had your surname changed by deed poll to Kevin-John,
and have adopted 'Morgan' as your
given name (the first-name that
USED to be called your "Christian"
name) - you would have to appear on
ANY ballot slip as MORGAN Kevin John - or MORGAN Kevin 'Bluey' John

EVERY hopeful has his/her SURNAME
first - even ENTSCH Warren.
Them's the rules - and ballot slips would read like circus bills
if candidates didn't stick to 'em.

But Blue, WHY would you want to
corrupt your own well-known 'brand
name' anyway - MORGAN Bluey would
have been acceptable, all you would
have had to present is a stat-dec
attesting to the fact that Bluey
is your long-established nick-name
and, in your case, former stage name.

You signed-off your cairnsblog item
wuth "Go figure" - so I did. What
I CAN'T figure is why you would
forsake the name that's so well-
known and liked across the deep
north -and replace it with a
nothing name like Kevin John....

Please explain....

Kevin-John: Morgan (Bluey) said...

I just rang Warren Entsch and he's very interested in what happened.

Paul Drabble said...

They banked the money therefore they nominally accepted the application. would make for an interesting case..send it to the ombudsman for a verdict.

CRAG said...

Its simple
:Kevin-John: Morgan written thus designates in correct language syntax a living man ... whereas
KEVIN JOHN MORGAN in upper case on our Birth Certificate or
MORGAN Kevin John on our drivers licence signify an artificial corporate entity (strawman) created by the State.

The Corporate State can only control Corporations, therefore they corporatise us living
Soul-men-women to control us.

To gain an insight view the movies MATRIX & TRUMAN'S WORLD, then email

:John: Babet,Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Smithfield Sam said...

What happened to the previous "stage managed" stories from John Babet about the "greedy banks" taking his BEACHSIDE HOUSES (not just one) at Kewarra and leaving him "homeless"? You got one 'o them fancy iPads in your car, John?

The community all knows you're just a deadbeat now John. If you can't manage your million$, how do you expect to generate any sympathy?

Pay your bills, Babet and stop embarrassing the rest of us!

CRAG said...

Brother S S, unaware that you are unaware, come out and tell us who you are, and what you do for the community; apart from sniping.

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group

:Kevin-John: Morgan said...

Well everyone, time to answer the DEtractors. Before anyone gets upset, I'd like to remind you all of why you're actually voting! Because you believe you have a choice. OK?
Who says your name HAS to be a certain way? WHO??
For anyone who has ever had the testicles to stand up and be counted would know, the actual application form to be nominated as a member of the House of Representatives, clearly gives you a choice as to what name appears on the Ballot paper.
For the uninformed as to what I've been doing for the past twelve years....I went back to school, and found out why I lost 5 court cases about my broken back (a work related injury), was thrown on the scrapheap, even by WorkCover, and ended up on a lousy Disability Pension with NO chance of steady permanent employment, due to some bunch of DUMBOs in this country voting for a good old GST and Public Liability Insurance.
I now have the knowledge of how to Correct ALL matter what they be, beginning with teaching people how to read and write In The Truth/Fact, which of course begins with learning the CORRECT and very ancient way of writing your own name.
For the uninformed, your SURNAME is NOT your Correct name, it is your epitaph name (Nom De Guerre) which the good old government gave you. This name is the ONLY one accepted by banks and governments, but it is NOT you!
Writing one's name as a Noun with punctuation to certify it being a Noun, places you on a Quantum, Now-Time plane of existence. This means you have Certified who you truly are because you have Knowledge.
There is a myriad of information regarding this subject in nearly every country of the world, please don't take my word for it, go look!
Part of my 10 year learning curve included learning the mathematical interface for ALL 5000 languages on planet earth....truly brain snapping to say the least.
My premanently broken fingers, and my permanently injured spine and left leg prevent me from doing my job as a drummer, so I thought I might stand as an Autonomous (Independent) candidate in an area where musicians and pensioners are treated like crap when the chips are down. I've seen things no normal person would even consider looking into, and also been a volunteer in many places I could not work, just to keep in touch with these people, and a lot of them are in real trouble.
So, why does a simple little thing such as a colon and a hyphen in a person's name get everyone upset? Why does a person not have a choice of his own toilet paper? These so called "experts" and others who cannot even read or write, continue to insult their own intelligence, which straight away tells me something is crook, and the people running things are crooked!
I rest my case, along with another word of warning to the legal profession, and all other forms of bloodsucking leeches. Your day is coming, and the new "Universal Legal Technology" is already in Australia, with many teachers and many students....and they mean to take your jobs!

Chris Forsberg, Bayview Heights said...

Thanks Bluey - you have explained
everything - no further questions.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

In addition to what I have written, I would also like to add that I AM the teacher of Quantum language in this area, and we hold workshops each fortnight.
There are many just like me, who also went to see David Wynn Miller in Yungaburra to hear the Truth about what the banks are about to do to both you and I, and how to stop it.
The "Aborigines" and "Indigenous" people are also learning that the letters Ab & In, in front of ANY word means NO! Meaning, they are Origines and they Digenous to this land mass, Go figure!
They have also learned that Mr Rudd's & Dr Nelson's SORRY speeches said absolutely NOTHING!
There were NO Nouns in either of those speeches, meaning, they were written by a Lawyer!
The reason I was NOT allowed on the Ballot paper, is that any Federal Judge seeing the results, could then swear me in as PM, because I would be the ONLY person on the Ballot paper with their correct and Truthful name, written in mathematical certification!!!!
Prime Minister Bluey eh???
At the moment I'm in a quandry as to whether the AEC should be held accountable for charges under the Disbility Discrimination Act, The Electoral Act, The Constitution, or just plain and simple Quantum in the International Criminal Court at the Hague.
In fact, because we are involved in military engagements, we are at War, therefore, this CAN be brought in under the War Crimes Act.
With all this 10 years of study and training in Syntax Correction, I find the whole world is in the same mode. There are way over 600,000,000 people around the globe who are seriously studying this technology, which will see the END of the legal fraternity altogether as we know it!
That, my friends, will be a day in history to be savoured by all.
Remember: Don't Lie, Cheat or Steal, the government Hates Competition.

Chris Forsberg said...

Ok 'Mr.KEVIN-JOHN'(Morgan), you
will always be Bluey Morgan to the
vast majority of folks who know
you - and like you. And I
see where you're describing
yourself as "PM Bluey".

Not exactly sure about the "War
Crimes" case you're flagging,
could be a bit doubtful - but you
oughtta be challenged on your
claim that "your name is the one
the government gave you"...

Don't you get your Dad's surname
(usually) - and the given names
your Dad and Mum choose ? I think
that's true of most of us - nothing
to do with "the government".

But what's in a name ? - Bluey by
any other name would still be Bluey, thankfully.

Bluey, it's been 15 years since
we last worked together ("even
while you sleep, you'll save a
heap - at the Bedding Barn"), but
Bluey's still blueing - and good-on-yer for that.

Mate, the best thing you have going
for you is your previous name -
it's all about 'branding' if you were seeking a political career,
and Bluey Morgan was an AOK 'brand

Stay blue.