Wednesday 4 August 2010

Where's Peter?

Has anyone seen our Environment Minister, Peter Garrett over the last couple of weeks?

There's plenty for us to ask him as we decide on who to elect on August 21st.

I think the Labor Government must have shipped him off to a uranium-filled bunker for the duration of the Federal election campaign.


Nicky J said...

He's in Sydney today Mike, aren't you keeping up with his tweets?

col riddell said...

I asked the entire media crew on the gillard bus if he was hiding down the back of the bus , as the gutless joker has not been here for jimmy boy. It created great mirth.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Yes, very good question - where & why hiding during this election? Garrett's insultion scheme just as stuffed as Julia's BER. No?

Mind you - I haven't yet heard from our Agiculture Minister or say, Foreign Affairs Minister as to what platform promises will be. Or really, anyone other than Julia. Same with Libs.

Spin, spin, spin. Any they expect us to believe it?

I think what many of us want, is calm, sane policy. In fact, the cheaper, calm, sane policy, the better. It's all very well announcing 36.5m for this, 98.7m for that - but well all pay for it.

nocturnal congress said...

Lillian, rest assured there are some cheapskates this election.
From what I can make out, the LNP, (to date) have only guaranteed $100,000 for Cairns. (To multi-millionaire Paul Freebody).
Abbott did not confirm funding for any of Entsch's proposals.

CRAG said...

What can one expect from political "show ponies" ... politics is just a "Punch & Judy" show observed in the main by those who are "unaware that they are unaware."
"the price of liberty is eternal vigilance"

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Veritas said...

Hopefully Peter is at some far off unemployment office signing up for the dole and retraining as he recently suggested for our Fishermen after he closes the Coral Sea at the behest of PEW