Sunday 1 August 2010

Quote of the week

"This announcement of Federal funding is a tribute to the strong and persistent representations from local MP Jim Turnour.
In less than three years, Jim has developed a reputation in Canberra as a fierce advocate for
this beautiful part of Australia."

-Anthony Albanese, Minister for Regional Development - 7th July 2010, re-announcing the $40 million for proposed Cairns performing arts centre.


Curious said...

Good on ya Jim, me old mucker, your old mum told you you'd be someone one day, and she may yet be proved right.

I wish I could vote for you as many times in real life as I have on here, you'd win hands down.

Oliver Redlynch said...

Pity that's not the perception from the public here, or is that just the way the news is presented?

I am grateful for Jim's representation about the lack of decent broadband up here, and should the NBN proceed we'll no doubt get it eventually, but alas Townsville (again) gets it first.

yk said...

What hypocrisy!!!!!!!

A quick look around Google shows Albanese reckons Joel Fitzgibbon is a 'fierce advocate for the needs of Hunter' and speaking of Shayne Neuman, the member for Blair, he says 'Shayne has developed a reputation in Canberra as a fierce advocate for his local community' and so on and so on.

Is it any wonder we are all sick and tired of the spin and garbage being foisted upon us daily by this crowd. The sooner they are thrown out the better!

Syd Walker said...

I think the idea is we 'get it' once the Conroy firewall is in place.

Personally, I'd rather not have an NBN at that price and I know a LOT of people who've expressed the same view - perople who'd usually be drooling over the prospect of a lot of $ finally being invested in high speed broadband in Oz.

The question is whether Jim and his colleagues 'get it'. They don't have long to fix the mess of their own making over compulsory internet censorship.

Warren Entsch 'gets it' Jim! He opposes Conroy's absurd 'filter' proposal and it's clearly not hurting him in the polls.

What will it take to get the ALP leadership to drop this truly appalling and electorally disastrous policy?

Those whom the Gods destroy...

Bryan Law said...

I can see why Anthony uses "fierce advocate". It's a whole syllable less than "slavish lickspittle", and will save him six or seven minutes during the campaign as he trots his nonsense out ad nauseum.

Alison Alloway said...

Syd, I have already told you that internet filtering has already started. It started back in 2007. I hope to be providing some more details on it in a story this week with Mike.

KB :-) said...

"Fierce advocate"... LMAO.... yep that's how I would describe our jim.... NOT

Queenie said...

"Fierce Advocate" = FA = Fuck All (Action).