Saturday 7 August 2010

It's Gillard according to Facebook and Twitter numbers

If an election was held based on Facebook and Twitter "likes", then Tony wouldn't be getting the keys to the Lodge....

And Bob Brown of the Greens would be Opposition with a minor third party of the Liberals. says a poll based on how many people "like" them on Facebook would see Julia Gillard get about 51% of the vote, with Bob Brown coming in second with 32% and Tony Abbott on 17%.

"A federal election based on Twitter would be slightly closer to reality," says technology writer, Helen Davidson. "With Gillard winning 56%, Abbott 26% and Brown 18% of a total of 62,000 followers."

However, it's highly unlikely these numbers will translate at the ballot box, but it's fair to say that social media is playing an substantial role and participating in the political debate during this campaign.


Thaddeus said...

This is is enough I think to show the Greens are emerging as a viable Third Party. Oh hallelujah, hallelujah.....

colin said...

Gee mike if you want to hang shit on one of them you have to "like" or add the bastards as a "friend" these are a very poor indicator I know jim turnour and backflip batske blocked me hhaaaaaaaaaa

Syd Walker said...

Gillard is utterly prone to online attack.

That's what she's invited by choosing to play the dizzy redhead when someone in the mass media FINALLY asked her a question about the internet 'filter' (yesterday).

Her reaction - a day after the Coalition came down publicly against government internet censorship - was like the stereotypical dumb blonde... "I don't know anything about the technology..." and "I rely on Stephen Conroy" (lousy choice - Stephen Conroy may be a bloke, but he is the world's most despised Communications Minister) and "If we can't see it in cinemas... why should we see it on the net?"

That type of absurd analogy is the last refuge of 21st century scoundrels and dumb blondes. Do movie censors need to vet billions of movies per annum? Doh!

100,000+ new votes were allowed onto the rolls yesterday following the High Court decision. On The Drum yesterday evening, ALP wiseguy Stephen Loosely was counting most of those votes for Labor. But in the same interview he admitted his own son is pissed off about mandatory internet censorship.

To win, Labor needs to keep its current online support - and more! Crazy thing is, it actually has quite a good story to tell on many issues, including it's proposed NBN rollout.

Yet it continues to piss off people who actually use the internet a lot and know more than a little bit about how it works.

Yesterday evening, at the forum in Cairns, I saw that Jim Turnour CAN raise his voice and speak with passion.

He may not have the time or the bottle to ring me up, but if he wants to save his seat he should pick up the phone and speak with passion to Labor HQ. They are seriously screwing up his chances of re-election.

Jim doesn't need people like me campaigning against him. He should demand better from ALP HQ.

IMO mandatory internet censorship must be dropped without delay if Labor wants to win this election. It still has time to rebuild its reputation. Two weeks is quite a long time in politics. But it needs to stop screwing around its core constituency and fast.

Jimbo T said...

Syd, you just don’t get it do you. Jim Turncoat isn’t about to call you or anyone else on policy issues because he takes orders from the top down. He’s not going to engage with the internet censorship issue because he has no instructions to do so.

Labor resources are being directed by its unelected machine simply to maximise votes by appealing to either fear or sentiment. They figure that’s all they need to get votes from people like you. The depressing thing is they are right enough for it to have worked so far. You are going to give your effective preference to Labor, so stop trying to bullshit everyone and admit it.