Monday 9 August 2010

Illegal headline states the obvious

- The Cairns Post, 6th August, 2010


James Matherson said...

Why do you pick on the cairns post>????????????

CRAG said...

Leave the campers be;
backpackers give us free global publicity and are future tourists.

Locals generate more discord and rubbish in public places then they do.

BTW There is a difference between

Legal= man made ie by Govt statute to raise revenue

Lawful = common Law>Universal Law ie by God ie Love God, Self, Others

Camping-Parking etc are illegal by Council decree, but are NOT UNLAWFUL

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Paul said...

Yes why just pick on the Cairns Post when the whole state has that literary marvel the Courier Mail. Rich pickings indeed.

Monty said...

Where would you like us to start James?

Maynard said...

James Matherson - read the highlighted headline again a few more times and you may figure out why...

Alison Alloway said...

Recently on a road trip to Uluru, I stopped and spoke to some grey nomads at a rest stop on the Stuart Highway. "We don't go to Cairns," they told me, "we hear bad things about that place like it doesn't want us there...."
Says it all, doesn't it.
(Incidentally, there were hundreds, and I mean hundreds of nomads wending their way down the Barkly and Stuart Highways.)
The tourist operators in this city should be pressuring councils or developers to open up the showgrounds, racetrack, even the old drive-in grounds, as temporary accommodations for the nomads.

Tom said...

Methinks the grey nomads should all camp in the Red Beret carpark ... or Tom Hedley's front garden. He is the culprit who turned our caravan parks into high-walled Gulags.

Occasional Nomads said...

While caravanning in the USA last year, some engine trouble had me running very late into a confirmed campsite in Arizona. An officer of the Arizona Highway Patrol recommended we pull up at a Walmart nearby. When I told him I didn't want to trespass he told me something astounding - all Walmart's allow overnight camping for the grey nomads!

Pulling into the Walmart park area at 9:50PM, I parked as far from the front of the store as possible. Ten minutes later a knock at the door of the caravan - a nice African American assistant manager introduced himself, asked if we were OK, and said he could hold the store open a few minutes if we needed anything.

Can anyone imagine this happening at Coles or Woolies?

JudeJohnston said...

The State started it with the huge land taxes, which made it prohibitive for the smaller camping/caravan parks. Then Hedley and Jattke's Planning Consultants joined in along with a pro development council to change the zones to high residential. So many camping grounds have been lost and along with that the character of the area. We only have Palm Cove camping ground left out in the Northern Beaches and we have fought hard to stop it being turned into cabins and apartments at the expense of campsites and caravans.
I don't agree though Alison, that the Showgrounds etc should become a caravan park for Grey Nomads. The existing caravan and camping places need to be supported and Councils are not in the business of providing free facilities for visitors. It is the business of Council to provide recreational facilities for the Ratepayers eg Caravan Parks, and if there is capacity to offset the costs with visitors paying then that is just good financial planning. Like any of us who go on holiday, we expect to pay for our accomodation and Grey Nomads and backpackers should also budget accordingly.

Alison Alloway said...

Occasional Nomad...that is astounding! Consdering the poor reputation Walmart has with its workplace conditions for its staff...obviously it is in Walmart
s financial interests to do this deal with the nomads...the grey nomads provide some security for Walmart's buildings at night...and then the nomads go and shop there next day.
You could write to the CEO of Coles or Woolies and suggest a similar scheme here in Australia...worth a try anyway. I always get replies or emails back whenever I contact a CEO about an idea and occasionally I achieve something.