Saturday 7 August 2010

Andrew Bolt: Gillard’s day from campaigning hell

Why both parties have dragged out their former leaders to campaign front and centre, is beyond any rational explanation. Howard and Rudd, especially the later, may be still warm after his recent burial, hardly adds any spice to the campaign other than public commentators.

According to NewsLTD columnist Andrew Bolt, this could be the day that finally sank Julia Gillard’s campaign.

"It’s been so farcical, so surreal," Bolt says... "that grown journalists laughed on camera when describing it."
  • "The highlights - or low:

    - Julia Gillard meets Kevin Rudd at a secret location to discuss how the lousy wrecker can now save her sinking campaign. The brief pool footage shows them unable to look each other in the eye as Rudd talks on like he was still Prime Minister.;l

    - Journalists meanwhile gather for a Gillard press conference, only to discover they are joined by Mark Latham, now a 60 Minutes reporter, who points out how they are being kept on a short leash by the Labor campaign managers. He holds a mini press conference of his own.;

    - Gillard’s then rocks up for her press conference, called to discuss help for seniors, but journalists ask her almost exclusively about about Rudd and about Latham, too, who is standing directly in her eye line. She confesses she hasn’t talked to her former friend and leader in years. Latham stalks off, dragging some of the camera crews there for Gillard.

    - Gillard loses her temper at some of the questioning about her shambolic campaign.

    - Gillard is then driven to the Ekka, Brisbane’s annual show. To her horror, Latham and his TV crew confront her just as she gets out of the car, with Latham reportedly demanding to know why she’d allegedly complained to Channel 9 about its decision to hire him.; He tells her the person she should really worry about is not him but Rudd.;

    The Prime Minister was meeting the crowd at the Brisbane Ekka when Mr Latham moved into her path and asked why Labor had complained about his role as a reporter for the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes program - something the ALP denies.

    The former Labor leader said that Ms Gillard should be “having a go” at Kevin Rudd, because he had been the one distracting from Labor’s campaign.

    As Ms Gillard approached, Mr Latham said: “Julia, long time no see.”

    “Can I just ask you why the Labor Party has made a complaint about me working for Channel Nine?”

    Ms Gillard replied: “I don’t know anything about that Mark, if you want to work for Channel Nine that’s a matter for you.”

    Mr Latham continued: “If you’d agreed to the request for an interview there would have been no need to make any complaint about anything.

    “The complaint you really should be making is about Kevin Rudd, who is the one who is sabotaging your campaign - so have a dig at him instead of having a dig at someone trying to do a job.”

    Ms Gillard patted Mr Latham on the shoulder and said: “Nice to see you and I hope you enjoy your life as a journalist.”
    [Watch the confrontation.]

    Wish granted, Julia.

    - Meanwhile, Tony Abbott meets the president of Nauru to discuss reopening our detention centre there, and later holds a press conference to say it could be done quickly.

    But why, he asks, is Gillard meeting Rudd and not Nauru’s president? Why is she more concerned with Labor’s problems than the nation’s? The contrast is devastating.;

    And he offers the line of day: Gillard, by asking the man she assassinated to now save her campaign, has turned “the pariah into the messiah”. It was a day to make Gillard just give up and go home for a doona day. Utterly devastating.


Andy Mack said...

Andrew Bolt is a nutter.

Joshua Hartmann said...

Woo boy! what a day for Jools, by the sound of it the only way to deal with it would be to hide under the bed and pretend it never happened.
I mean not only having a old skeleton in the closet work but having that bad of a day you lose your cool at some journos when her whole on screen character is meant to be that of a level headed individual....oh dear.
I almost feel sympathy for her...almost but no.
Also full credit for the graphical editor for that site, the image of her and Latham would look way way WAY to domineering and creepy if it was left level Ps I retract this is the photographer just slipped while pressing the button...:P

Andrew Bolt said...

We are NOT nutters! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not! Not!

CRAG said...

The puppet show unfolds, they want to give Abbott (Jesuit) a boost over Gillard (Fabian) ... whoever wins the puppet Masters win, as they control all major players in the game.

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Thaddeus said...

ROFL Bolt on "cairnsblog"?? Mike must have run out of copy to give us this bit of crappy cut and paste. Shame Mike! Shame!

Seggify said...

My God, what depths has this blog plunged to - to actually reproduce an article from Melbourne's Village Idiot. Journalism at its best.

Zingli said...

Here is a nice little video about Andrew Bolt's pin up hero. They both share common beliefs, you know - Global Warming denialism, Australia being overrun by trillions of boat people, women make shit PMs etc etc..

A BREAK said...

It's good that Channel Nine hire Latham because its so very easy to have people that SYCOPHANTICALLY FAWN over public figures all the time!
well President OBAMA once said he gives those those disagree with him the most respect because he Obama thinks they are being honest!
so give Mark Latham a break because he Latham is acting with an openness and willigness to confront situations and to call it as it is!
isnt that the Integrity word!
ps its easy to always kowtow to powerful figures so give the little person a chance in all situations and not in just what happened here!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Of all the kowtowing journalists in this country, Andrew Bolt has to take the cake. Not only is he WINTV's favourite journo, but he also finds himslef on ABCTV. What goes on Andrew?
We've already proven you CAN'T read, CAN'T write, and also cheated on your exams to become a journalist, so go back to school and sit for English 101. I'll bet my clothes that you fail!
And by the way Andrew, keep your nose out of the political trough unless you need to feed with the dogs of war!

Paul said...

Latham may as well have gone in there with a suicide vest strapped on. He didn't look good, but I don't think that mattered. He did what was required by his bosses.

Hingehead said...

Thanks for making Andrew Bolt's byline obvious - that way I didn't waste any time reading it.


Alison Alloway said...

I faithfully read Andrew Bolt's columns for about a year, growing more and more suspicious about his psychology. He never "lightens" up, never makes a joke, and never reveals anything about himself, his private life, his family or his community. He may be simply a propagandist, but surely even so, wouldn't he have a life? I got the impression of an intense, obsessive personality with no balance in his life. I gave his "columns" the old heave ho.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Unfortunately for Andrew, he has to tow the party line whilst working for News Ltd.
Most of what comes from his mouth or his typewriter, merely extols the wishes of Murdoch/Keating/Carr, and their backroom deals for the lodial title to land in Sydney.
Because of this deal, people are dying and being permanently maimed by the chemical and industrial waste allowed to emanate from this property, without interference or checks from any authorities.
How can this be Andrew?
Do you realise you are a party to this local devastation and death?
Put up or shut up Andrew!