Thursday 2 September 2010

Don't talk about me, no one! - Councillor Alan Blake

- Cairns Post - September 1st, 2010

This headline in the Cairns Post screams of desperation.

The very idea that elected politicians should not expect, nor want the public to talk about themselves and their actions, is a supreme irony. When did the game of politics become a one-way dialogue? An engaged and educated public is what a healthy democracy is all about.

I doubt many CairnsBlog readers will have the fear of God in them, after such a threat. I know that many are extremely concerned that Council are even considering paying for legal costs on a defamation case.


Capn_Dan said...

Ahoy! Of course the first thing I did when I read about Councillor Alan Blake getting ratepayers to foot the bill and sue readers of CairnsBlog was to search for alleged offending comments.
Surpreme Court members will have immense joy reading comments like;
"The good news is we approved your trip Alan," Councillor Robert Pyne informed Blake. "But it's only one way!" The [council]chamber roared with laughter.
I can't wait, perhaps the waste of public money on petty pollies will be worth the comedy. Stay tuned.

CRC Watcher said...

If only the $350,000 went TO Mike Moore... to ensure the blog can keep investigating. This is enough proof that you're a useful asset to Cairns Media.

Alison Alloway said...

Just another amusing little story from my collection:

I recall one night in 2004 talking with an Iraqi Doctor online who told me that:
"In Iraq, you won't get into troubles...if you have a photo of Saddam in your wallet...and you take this photo out..and kiss it..and say Iraq would be nothing without Saddam."
The Doctor was a Shia who hated Saddam, but he told me he had a large painting of Saddam, sitting on a white horse, on his living room wall. "You have to keep up appearances," he said.
When Saddam was discovered hiding beneath the ground, the Doctor dryly commented, "Just look at the Lion of Baylon now!"
Ihad to laugh.

Nick said...

I think Blake is a ***** Now he sue me too !

Oracle said...

Misappropriated computers, WA bikies, theft of services... names, dates all recorded and subpoenas to close 'friends'. Lots to tell before this story is over!

Unknown said...

Mike,I understand you have to exercise caution. but all I was trying to say is that a certain councillor (unnamed) could be perceived as being a:

"Councillor Using Nasty Tactics"

for trying to shut you up...

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

I'm absolutely sick of this bloke!
I challenge Blakey, right here, right now, to a public debate involving the people he's against and the people he's trying to sue.
Blakey, you've missed the boat mate and it's time to stand down.
Your law suit contains NO Nouns, therefore it's a sham, and this alone is enough to lock you up with your ridiculous lawyer for Mail Fraud.
If you continue down this avenue you wish to be travelling, I will have no alternative but to have you arrested by the Federal Police for International Fraud.
You're a joke Blakey...LEAVE!