Thursday 23 September 2010

The Richard Dinnen Affair

The sultry tones of Richard Dinnen have returned to ABC Far North radio. Bliss.

Dinnen has replaced Ginger Gorman in the 4pm Drive slot. Music buffs will welcome Richard's return, as he has an immense reservoir of music info stuffed inside his braincells.

The last time I had the pleasure of mentioning Richard on CairnsBlog, was back in May last year when he interviewed the then besieged Cairns Regional Council CEO Noel Briggs, in the dying days of his rein. Briggs was engulfed in the mess that the Council Communications and Marketing Manager was neck-deep in, over a secret radio deal struck with 4CA. Briggs was discussing with Richard Dinnen the infamous Henry report, and that he would then write a report on it. What the?

After the interview concluded, Dinnen played Paul Kelly's Don't stand so close to the Window. It was an inspired song, I said at the time.

Two weeks later, Briggs fell on his sword, and resigned. The ABC were far from impressed at my suggestion that Dinnen may have matched his song choice with the perilous state of the city's CEO. Bruce Wooley, the then manager of the Cairns ABC team, telephoned me and gave me the third degree about implying that his loyal Drive servant would do any such dastardly thing.

The ABC used the opportunity to dredge up a few other things they didn't like about CairnsBlog. As they say, it's better to be talked about, than not be talked about...
  • FROM Jenny Brennen
  • TO
  • CC Bruce Woolley, Stephen McClelland, Debbie Beel
  • DATE 18 June 2009 16:09
  • SUBJECT Unauthorised use of ABC logo on website and other ABC content

    Dear Mr Moore,

    It has come to the ABC’s attention that the website (“your website”) is using the ABC’s logo, which is a registered trade mark in Australia and internationally. The ABC logo is also protected by copyright as an artistic work.

    You have not been granted permission to use the logo, and hence your reproduction of the logo constitutes infringement of the ABC’s copyright. As we hope you will appreciate, the ABC considers it particularly important to protect its rights in its logo. We therefore require that you remove the ABC logo from your website, including in the website “banner” and under the heading “Cairns BlogRoll”, and anywhere else that it appears.

    Your website also reproduces audio from the ABC Online site: , for example:

    - Audio from the ABC Far North program containing an interview between Richard Dinnen and Noel Briggs, as part of your blog titled “CEO to write a report on the report” posted on 30 May 2009

    - Audio from the ABC Far North program containing interviews between Fiona Sewell and candidates in the state election as part of the blog titled “ABC Candidate interviews online” posted on 16 March 2009 (we note that you have provide a direct link to the audio as well as a link to ABC web page which contains the audio).

    While we accept that your website hyperlinks to the audio hosted on the ABC’s website, it is not obvious to a reader that this is the case (i.e. it appears that the audio is coming from your website). We request that if you do wish to provide links to the ABC’s audio that you link to the ABC Online web page which contains the audio (as you have done in the second example listed above) rather than a direct link to the audio itself. However, please ensure that your use of links to the ABC website does not infringe the ABC’s rights, for example by falsely implying that the ABC is associated with or endorses your website. If you are unsure whether you would be infringing the ABC’s rights in this regard, we recommend that you seek legal advice.

    Would you please let me know when the above requirements have been complied with.

    Jen BrennenLocal Radio & Online Manager 612 ABC Brisbane & Local Radio QLD p: 07 3377 5227
Wow. What a control freak this Jen turns out to be. Needless to say, I filed that letter and took no further action.

Here's Cairns Regional Council's media officer, Sonja Anderson with a contemplative Richard Dinnen. Sonja just loves her photo taken by CairnsBlog.

She infamously penned a tourism piece of what suburbs to avoid in Cairns. Doh. The other Sonja moment of note I should remind readers about, was when she returned a $3 car air freshner I gifted to her. It was a real drama queen scene.

Anyway, welcome back Richard.


Syd Walker said...

As a publicly-funded institution the ABC increasingly merits disgust, revulsion and contempt.

These days, we have more chance of gleaning the truth about some crucial issues of global significance from the Russian media than the discredited ABC.

As I argue in this piece written earlier today, Iran has a better claim to being heir to the western intellectual tradition than the USA (and Australia for that matter).

We may have to wait until hell freezes over before the pathetic careerists who work for the ABC, SBS, News Corp etc report accurately about topics seriously threatening to the interests of the Israel Lobby.

Unknown said...

Persia has a long history of mad rulers and the suppression of its population. Maybe that is the real tradition they are heir to.

I can't see how the violence committed against demonstrators and 'dissidents", the stoning of "adulterous" women and the hanging of homosexuals is a manifestation of integrity, honesty and the willingness to hold open discussion.

I invite you to go and live in Iran for a while, Syd and see how accepting they are of your lifestyle (you know what happens to pot smokers in Iran ?) and how open they are to your ideas. Then report back to us.

Iran is meddling in the business of other nations. Other nations are meddling in Iran's business. Maybe everybody should just mind their own business.

The world definitely does not need another war.

As for the Zionist conspiracy....yaaaaawn....

Never tell lies said...

"Two weeks later, Briggs fell on his sword, and resigned."

Total and absolute bollacks.

Noel was told ... I can't work with you and offered a $750,000 resignation incentive.

He took it.

Syd Walker said...

@ Nick

Your first paragraph is a characteristically bigoted and utterly simplistic summation of thousands of years of (Iranian) history. You really do have a supercilious attitude to cultures in the middle east - apart from Israel - don't you Nick?

I agree about meddling, but it seems to me nations maintaining unwelcome armies of occupation in other countries - such as Australia - might remove the beam from their own eye before quibbling about other nations that don't engage in this revolting imperialistic behaviour.

The main points I want to make here - and the reason I post comments such as this from time to time - are twofold:

Firstly, civilisation cannot be built on a foundation of lies; civilisations disintegrate under the burden of lies if they're left left uncorrected. This could happen to us too and the collapse would be global and unprecedented. I would like to do my little bit to avoid that.

Secondly, a mass media outfit that reiterates - and never critiques - these lies is worse than useless. It's not a news organisation; it's a propaganda outfit.

If the queries of1,300+ engineers and architects worldwide about 9-11 are so misplaced, why not allow these critics their say in the Australian mass media? Why not interview Niels Harrit when he came to Australia?

Private media organisations - from New Corp to CairnsBlog - are entitled to reflect the proprietors' bias, but public organisations such as the ABC are not. They have a duty to report truthfully and cover all significant strands of opinion.

Why does 9-11 matter? Because it justified several new horrific wars, facilitated massive and crippling increases in military expenditure, huge increases in spook budgets (ASIO's has shot up 10x since 2001) and plenty of other very obnoxious things such as the mainstreaming of Islamophobia throughout the western world.

That's bad. Bad enough to rain on the parade of toadies who pack away their integrity and curiosity as they pick up their publicly-funded paypackets.

Grumbling about logos says it all really. Pathetic.

It's the Jooooos said...

I'd have more time for Syd if he actually DID something, as distinct from just dribbling on about various conspiracy theories, and letting his ignorance and prejudice loose to criticise potential allies and blindly support the ALP. Syd's major nightmare seems to involve a bunch of indigenous Jew's maintaining the ecological integrity of Wild Rivers without the state telling them what to do.

Syd Walker said...

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

I should be grateful perhaps that the trolls here are stuck at stage one.

Not the ABC said...

[Needless to say, I filed that letter and took no further action.]

Except to comply, and take down the offending logos.

yassarhadafat said...

You do not understand syd I do.
He is the weirdest wanker in Queensland .
Hope he has no children .
There are more conspiracy theorists here than any where in Australia the gunja must be bloody strong up here.
The utter shit he writes is unreal.

Unknown said...

A supercilious attitude to Middle eastern cultures, Syd ? How would you know ? I have actually spent a fair bit of time in Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan and have a lot of affinity for the people there and their culture.

I have actually studied the early history of Persia and the stories of some of their mad rulers. And yes there is a history of some of these countries being ruled by insane dictators.

I am not particular fan of Israel, but unlike you I can see 2 sides to a story.
I am just sick of your constant Israel bashing,your Zionist conspiracies and your simplistic world view.I could of course also post any number of links to web- sites of people who say the total opposite of your informants.

You never really respond to any of the points people make in reply to your posts. You just keep banging your drum.

Like I said, go and spend some time in Iran and come back and tell us what it is really like, instead of spending your life in front of your PC, researching conspiracy theories and posting links to your own web-site.

Colin R said...

Nick you are correct syd never responded to my post on martin bryant . The account I posted was accurate and yassar there are some strange bastards here , you do have more than your fair share.

Michael P Moore said...

@Never tell lies
Noel Briggs resigned. He handed his resignation to the Mayor. Check thee links that display that resignation. The personal statement he issued said that. His personal interviews the following day confirmed he resigned and it was his decision. The situation had deteriorated so much, it was the most honourable course of action for Noel to take. Regarding the "$750,000 resignation incentive" - Briggs was only paid his leave and allowances owning, including long service leave - as as he'd been in local government for a long time, was entitled to to that payment. There was no extra payment at all.

@Not the ABC
As I said, I took no further action. I removed no logos, as the complaint was frivolous and petty. As you will see, the letter was dated June last year, the new CairnsBlog header was only updated just after this year's Cairns Festival.

However I should say, I have always credited information from another source. Their ambiguous letter attempted to imply I was trying to claim ABC content (audio) as my own. If you click back to those articles referenced (links above in this story) it's clear that the are credited to ABC.

The relationship with the local ABC now is great. The new manager, Debbie Kalik, is welcoming and has allowed me to video interviews at the ABC, and I have supplied my content to them for use on the ABC Far North blog.

Jan from Kewarra said...

Driving home from work this week, I could not believe my ears, when I heard Richard back on air.

Where have you been?

I for one have missed hearing your voice and the fantastic music and music trivia that you share with listeners.

Thanks ABC for bringing Richard back and may you stay around for a long time.

Syd Walker said...

@ Colin R

I checked your comment on the 'Howard's End' post, to see why I didn't reply at the time.

Here it is:

"I worked for 7 years at aset short for Australian standard electrical transformers in victoria now Schneider electrical as a manager.
The co owners were Ron Gibson and alf zenkis .
When they sold to Schneiderron and his lovely wife Sylvia went to Tasmania for a well earned holiday.
They were sitting in the cafe on the day of the massacre and saw martin Bryant shoot people in the cafe , martin Bryant calmly pointed the gun at sylvias head and she was to be shot in cold blood , but martin Bryant stopped when he he heard the bus pull up outside , he lowered the gun and walked outside and started shooting the people on the bus.
That shock of seeing that and nearly being shot by martin Bryant killed Sylvia 18 months later as she never recovered. So to the doubters this is what Ron and Sylvia Gibson saw martin Bryant not anyone else."

Once I deciphered your text, Colin, I did some searches for "Ron Gibson" and "Sylvia Gibson", combining those search terms with others such as "Port Arthur" and "Broad Arrow Cafe".

I drew a complete blank.

That doesn't mean your story isn't true. But I can't verify it without further information. If you want to make an issue about this, Colin, perhaps you could assist with a reference? After all, we can all invent stories, can't we? Please show us that wasn't the case here.

There's a stark contrast with "Wendy Scurr", who most definitely was a survivor of that terrible massacre.

Unlike your great friends "Ron and Sylvia Gibson", the name "Wendy Scurr" does crop up in a lot of web searches. Why not check out what she has to say about the massacre - stories she never got to tell when the prosucution case was tested in court... because it never was tested in court.

Wondering Aimlessly said...

I too am very glad to have Richard back on air, he's the best of the local on-air personalities.

He and I are of similar age, which means we grew up during the most exciting, creative, even revolutionary stage of the development of popular music, and his knowledge of bands and performers I also loved is a big part of the appeal of his show.

Just out of curiosity, what was Richard doing when he wasn't on air? Does the ABC send him somewhere else, or find some other work for him? Or is he basically a casual employee, and has to wait on tables or mow lawns to keep body and soul together?

(I quite enjoy Kier in the mornings too.)

Syd Walker said...

I do agree the ABC employs some fine DJs. Lucky Oceans is my fav.

Good gardening programs too. I imagine the ABC's kids programs are quite good too, but don't have time to watch them. Likewise its sports coverage.

As long as people don't mind a combination of entertainment and disinformation, they are getting what they want and deserve.

Anyone wanting real information, however, had best do their own homework. Never mind the spin the ABC is already putting on President Ahmadinejad's speech to the UN. Factor in that the ABC will deceive you on topics such as this.

Thanks to the internet, we can now read it ourselves and make our own minds.

Unknown said...

An eloquent speech, Syd, especially this bit :

"Woman is a reflection of God's beauty and is the source of love and caring. She is the guardian of purity and exquisiteness of the society. The tendency to toughen the souls and behaviors of women deprives them from their very basic right of being a loving mother and a caring wife. It would result in a more violent society with irreversible defects. Freedom is a divine right that should serve peace and human perfection. "

It is hard to rhyme this with the treatment meted out to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and it shows that your hero Ahmadinejad is a liar and a hypocrite.

Here are some links (most likely Murdoch-Zionist manipulated) about being stoned in Iran as opposed to being stoned in Kuranda;

As far as ridiculing "THE TRUTH" goes...whose truth Syd, yours, mine, the universe's ? Do you have a monopoly on truth ?

"Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right."
Arthur Schopenhauer

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"
Joseph Goebbels

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
Adolf Hitler

"As the biggest library if it is in disorder is not as useful as a small but well-arranged one, so you may accumulate a vast amount of knowledge but it will be of far less value than a much smaller amount if you have not thought it over for yourself."
Arthur Schopenhauer

See, I can also copy and paste links and quotes.... it's easy.

Never tell lies said...

MM says, "Noel Briggs resigned. He handed his resignation to the Mayor. Check three links that display that resignation."

Yes we know he "resigned".

So why was he paid out the 2+ years remaining on his contract?

If you resign, you resign.

But he was told, "I cannot work with you, so resign now. You will be paid out. I can hire another CEO"

well well well

Spin all you like MM ... he picked up in excess of $750,000.00.

And you, the rate payer, paid for this as well as many other "resignations".

But then that's Gavin King's story.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Oh Syd, go & have another bong, or better, no bong but lots of water & a good lie down.

I'm sure some of the blog people would agree that we want interesting radio, & something that's enjoyable & spicy - we don't always want hard news & info - especially after a long day, thinking about hard news & info.
I think many of us are exhausted with the runoff of the GFC, the Fawlty Towers aspect of the late Federal Election, Anna's Sell-Off Madness, & on it goes. Haiti, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan's floods . . more starvation in . . . ., & now the unfortunate events in New Delhi & on it goes.

I am especially thankful that Richard has been returned to the afternoon spot - not only has he The Voice (which can summon whales I think Mike M once said), he also does highly interesting interviews, he also copes with the light stuff (The Quiz), & he has Absolutely Fab knowledge about music & promotes new & upcoming bands from Oz all over. What's not to like?
Richard, please stay. ABC Manager - please keep Richard.

Whilst he's been away we had months of Ginger Whatsername, who was painful & just embarrassing. I understand she went on pregnancy leave - the only person I feel sorry for is her child to be - her tones were harridan, not dulcet, her knowledge was, well, shall we say, well, let us not say. In short, she'd probably be OK at a control panel person, but as a radio presenter - sorry, crap.

Then we've had the wise, interesting, caring & dulcet tones of Madame Morrish, who I have always enjoyed. I rejoiced upon hearing Pat again, but I understand she wants some retirement time, & time to contemplate her chickens (absolutely no pun intended Pat).

But YAY YAY YAY Richard is back.
More More More.

Syd Walker said...

Lillian, you demean yourself by joining the creeps who make gratuitous personal attacks.

You complain, among other things, of being 'exhausted' by the Afghan War.

Dear me.

How do you think life feels for Afghanis?

The invasion of their country was a direct result of 9-11, the same event that cowards in the Oz media prefer not to discuss (except to repeat conformist lies).

Like a typical westerner, you seem most interested in your own 'freedom to veg out'.

If it's too hard to think outside the box, may I suggest you just listen to ABC radio and only read 'mainstream' news sources such as the Cairns Post?

Both are carefully vetted so you won't ever have to bother your head about niggling little discrepancies. You won't have to worry that 1,300+ architects and engineers - and counting - are demanding a genuine inquiry into 9-11 because that will be concealed from you. You won't ever have to wonder why these professionals might do such a thing (not likely to be for the benefit of their careers in the west, is it?)

Syd Walker said...

@ Nick. Why do you feel compelled to combine personal attacks with bogus quotations? It's an odd personality trait.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

What a load of waffle you people keep going on about, I've heard enough of this word Truth, which is a joke in itself! Try, if you may, to find its genesis.
The words Truth & Truthful, have now been officially disqualified in ALL courts, by the World Court, the UN, and the legal fraternity connected with such entities.
The new description of the word "Truth", is: an OPINION, so get over yourselves.
Very soon, it will appear in ALL dictionaries, along with eleven new words I have learned.
The word "Truth" has always been in the vocabulary of "Truth-Seekers" as a last resort in their mindset. The word is also bandied around by groups of LIARS, who will never use the English/Endlish language correctly, cannot read or write, and therefore cheated on their exams. Most of these people are working in Law or Government.
There, that ought to begin enough controversy to fill a blog!
You want some facts?
Look up the word "Lodial", I dare you to find it!
This word, along with ALL other associated words, were removed from ALL dictionaries worldwide by Royal decree in 1947. Find out why!
Secondly, mad rulers of Middle Eastern countries? What a crock!
Whosoever quotes such a line in a blog or newspaper, needs to get a grip on reality.
Every single country in the world is governed by a MAD RULER, and don't for one minute think that Western nations are exempt!
So who do you think puts these "leaders" there?
If you dare to say "the people" and a "vote", then you should stay asleep, or go back to school and begin again, just like I did.
Boy oh Boy, how school has changed!
You actually have a choice now of what it is you wish to learn or not learn.
A far cry from the Edumacation and Brainwashing of yesteryear.
I have also learned of the coming worldwide announcement in the banking industry, on 4th April 2012, now there's a brain-teaser for you. Come on "Truth" seekers, get the blogs buzzing about that!
Finally, on the ABC.
What sort of public TV network, dares to air a program called "Media Watch", to air the dirty laundry or spelling and printing blunders of all media outlets, when in fact the ABC are prone to those very mistakes themselves, which they emphatically try to correct?
Australians ALWAYS close the gate after the horses have bolted!
You want to share in the great Aussie Dream? Stay asleep, that's where you have dreams!

Bryan Law said...

Syd, you're a sophisticated thinker with an iron grip on truth and rationality. Have you considered that both Nick and Richard Drinnen are part of the alien reptilian species sheltered here on Earth by the British Royal family? Can you please research and report on this dangerous situation?

Syd Walker said...

Lillian, you demean yourself by joining the creeps who make gratuitous personal attacks.

You complain, among other things, of being 'exhausted' by the Afghan War.

Dear me.

How do you think life feels for Afghanis?

The invasion of their country was a direct result of 9-11, the same event that cowards in the Oz media prefer not to discuss (except to repeat conformist lies).

Like a typical westerner, you seem most interested in your own 'freedom to veg out'.

If it's too hard to think outside the box, may I suggest you just listen to ABC radio and only read 'mainstream' news sources such as the Cairns Post?

Both are carefully vetted so you won't ever have to bother your head about niggling discrepancies. You won't have to worry that 1,300+ architects and engineers - and counting - are demanding a genuine inquiry into 9-11 because that will be concealed from you. You won't ever have to wonder why these professionals might do such a thing (not likely to be for their personal comfort, is it?) And you'll only come across stories such as this once in a blue moon - stories that might spoil your day.

[Not sure why this comment wasn't published before, BTW - it was submitted much earlier today. I won't reply to Bryan's silly sneer except to suggest he doesn't mix roles. This week's pose was going so well: 'Bryan Law the heroic Free Speech advocate'. Try not to mix legends, Bryan, in case you end up frothing at the mouth like 'Mary Mohammed']

Unknown said...


I made a simple point, which as usual you chose to ignore.

Now that's a funny personality trait... bit like a politician ! And personal attacks ? Oh my, I didn't realise you were so sensitive. Calling people trolls and creeps is ok though ?

You posted a link to Ahmadinejad's speech in the UN, highlighting the bit that concerns your obsession of the day, the 9/11 conspiracy theory.

I read the entire speech and quoted this section :

""Woman is a reflection of God's beauty and is the source of love and caring. She is the guardian of purity and exquisiteness of the society. ...... Freedom is a divine right that should serve peace and human perfection. "

I was wondering how that could be reconciled with the treatment handed out to women like Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and Neda Agha-Soltan. It can't be reconciled and that makes Ahmadinejad a liar and a hypocrite. If he is lying about the treatment of women and he obviously is, then why would we believe anything else he has to say ? Or maybe he is just delusional ?

As for the bogus quotes, they are all widely publicised. I can find the German originals for you if you like, so why insinuate that they are fake ? Or maybe it is just a case of : "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it", as Joseph Goebbels put it.

Bryan Law said...

Syd, what have you done to bringthe Af/Pak war to an end? What have you done even to create a discussion about militarism and/or democracy in Australian society?

From my point of view your whole schtick is self-indulgent wankery of the worst order.

Every time you blather on about your various demons and conspiracies you create a distraction from the real work that needs to be done.

That's self-indulgent wankery Syd.

bemused female said...

Why is that men who are ostensibly engaged in the higher, most heroic pursuits - free speech, world peace and whatever - have so much time to waste here in futile and pointless bickering.

All the while exposing their own lack of alternative things to do on such a lovely and sunny weekend.

Syd Walker said...

Nick, FYI, here's a quote that's genuine and this is what a real, properly referenced quote looks like.

The author is Emeritus Professor Richard Falk, Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton University. Falk provides some sort of answer to the likes of B. Law the Great Free Speech advocate and the 'bemused female' with nothing better to do on a sunny afternoon than make trite remarks.

"Every so often attention is called anew to the doubts surrounding the true character of the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Recently, the report of the collapse of Building 7 represented such an occasion. Any close student of 9/11 is aware of the many serious discrepancies between the official version of what took place and the actual happenings on that fateful day in 2001. David Ray Griffin and others have analyzed and assessed these discrepancies in such an objective and compelling fashion that only wilful ignorance can maintain that the 9/11 narrative should be treated as a closed book, and that the public should move on to address the problems of the day.

"To accept such a view is to acquiesce in what can be described at best as governmental evasiveness and irresponsibility, a resolve to leave the discrepancies unexplained. It is not paranoid under such circumstances to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide, and much to explain. What has not been established by the “9/11 Truth Movement” is a convincing counter-narrative – that is, an alternate version of the events that clears up to what degree, if at all, the attacks resulted from incompetence, deliberate inaction, and outright complicity.

"For democratic government to work, citizens must never refrain from seeking answers to the most difficult questions. Here, what is at stake is enormous. It is not only the memory of those killed and deprived by the attacks, but also the fashioning of a climate of opinion that gave rise to international wars, as well as led to widespread denial of rights under the pretext of “homeland security” and counter-terrorism. There is also a profound challenge to the legitimacy of a governing process that stands accused of letting such crimes take place, if not aiding and abetting their commission and subsequent cover-up."

Needless to say, 'our' ABC has not seen fit to interview Professor Falk on this topic - nor has it interviewed Professor David Ray Griffin, for that matter.

That might scare the sheep.

bemused female said...

But I was multi-tasking!

9/11 my arse! said...

If Syd's pathetic 9/11 conspiracy theories had any substance at all the whole thing would have been exposed by now, at least one of the thousands of people needed to carry it out would have sold their story.

Do you also believe a missile hit the Pentagon Syd?

Or that the planes hitting the towers fired rockets a split second before hitting?

The truth is, there is no conspiracy, there never was, but as long as people are able to write books and films about it, and make a good living, there will always be crackpots, like Syd, who believe it.

Get over it Syd, do something useful with your life.

Syd Walker said...

Note to the latest troll ('9/11 my arse'). The US Government itself claims the 9-11 attacks were a result of a conspiracy (led - or so they say - by Wicked Uncle Osama).

Now you come along with the most extraordinary theory of all. The 'no conspiracy' theory, LOL.

Which lone operator do you believe did all that damage on September 11th 2001?

Lee Harvey Oswald?

9/11 my arse! said...

Is that it Syd?

Is that all you've got Syd?

Why won't you answer my questions Syd?

Too hard Syd?

Tell us about the Lizard People Syd?

Unknown said...

Syd Walker said...
Nick, FYI, here's a quote that's genuine and this is what a real, properly referenced quote looks like.

Syd, I copied part of Ahmadinejad's speech in the UN from YOUR link !! It is the part you don't want to talk about.... and where is the proper reference to your Schopenhauer quote ? Please save me your lectures. Anybody can dig up stuff on the internet and post links on a blog.

Bemused female, thank you for your concern. I spent most of the day in the garden.And it was a lovely day indeed, conspiracy or not !

Syd Walker said...


This thread is first and foremost about the return of a popular local ABC DJ.

I strayed (somewhat) off topic by mentioning that I consider the ABC, as an organisation, to be increasingly beyond contempt. I explained why.

You now get very upset because I won't discuss the condition of women in Iran (a rather large topic, as there are a lot of them).

I won't go there, not here, because it's a total irrelevance Nick. You introduced it for that reason. Not playing.

That subject gets PLENTY of coverage on the ABC and elsewhere in the mass media. Heaps.

My issue is that the ABC gives ZERO coverage to certain fundamental news and current affairs issues that are of crucial importance to us all, issues that affect war v peace, civil liberties and freedom. The classic example is the obvious, blatant falsity of the official narrative about 9-11

Incidentally, Richard Dinnen should not feel persecuted. I have nothing against him personally.

This is what I tweeted to his Managing Director earlier today:

For heavens sake @abcmarkscott, WHEN will ABC cover the story of Building What?

Followed a few minutes later with:

@abcmarkscott If you CAN'T tell the truth about Building What? RESIGN & SAY WHY

It's not my fault the ABC has boxed itself into a corner in this way by repeating implausible and increasingly obvious lies (and/or ignoring blatant inconsistencies and discrepancies in the stories it does tell).

I've been on their case about this for years.

When a publicly-funded media organisation plays a conscious role in covering up the truth, it deserves to be abolished entirely. Over to ABC staff... who are quite capable of taking action to remedy this, if they have the guts.

Nut Job said...

Syd's an alien reptile!

Unknown said...


You posted a link to Ahmadinejad's speech, so we could all read for ourselves what he said. Your focus was on the 9/11 bit. I highlighted another section, which I believe totally undermines Ahmadinejad's credibility.

It is therefore absolutely relevant. You can't extoll the virtues of the state of Iran and at the same time ignore the treatment that is meted out to women in Iran.

I am not playing any games. You're the one dodging and weaving and changing the subject, as usual.

9/11 my arse! said...

Syd's a nut-job!

Maybe if we all smoked the same weed he'd make sense.

Typical of people like Syd though, only willing to talk AT you, not into answering questions, or submitting any of his own evidence, just the incoherent ramblings of fellow nut-jobs.

Mandy Moo said...

Do us all a favour.
Get a life !!
Get off your computer and go outside for some fresh air!!
PS Great news about Richard.

Alien Reptile said...

If you call Syd one of us ever again we'll be taking stern action. In our culture a SydWalker is a moron incapable of feeding themselves and leaving a smelly slime wherever they go.

Smithfield Sam said...

Mandy Moo, please don't encourage Sid to go outside. We like him inside, where he's not a direct danger to society. At least he can't hurt himself with his computer. . .

Lady Macbeth said...

I too know that Syd could do with a make over of sorts, like a little physcial grooming but his grey matter works well and I like his arguments.

So do not judge a book by its cover, open it up and read it contents without prejudice.

Unknown said...

Syd would have a lot more credibility if he did not pepper every post, regardless of the subject, with links to his own web-site, so we can learn more about the zionist world domination and the 9/11 conspiracy.

He seems to think that most of us are too dumb to read for ourselves and totally rely on the so-called "main-stream " media for all our information.

He alone knows the truth. It is hard to take someone with such an arrogant attitude serious.

He should lighten up a bit, if he wants people to read his stuff. He reminds me of those humourless marxist-leninist wannabe's of the 70's..

Mandy Moo said...

Sorry Smithfield Sam,
I just have visions of old Syd, sitting, unwashed, lonely, in a room filled with old newspapers, dirty coffee cups, many cats and and his old mum as company. The computer fired up and ready to go ( you know, the old fashioned one that takes up all the desk ), one leisurely walk outside wouldnt upset too many neighbours, in fact the neighbours wouldnt even know who he is!
But you are right, I shouldnt encourage him to abandon his rantings. He has many many more important conspiracy theories to unveil, we havent even started on the Azaria Chamberlin one !!