Monday 13 September 2010

Yes Minister!

Some the more outrageous new Ministerial titles that Julia Gillard has announced, are worthy of note (and ridicule)...
  • Minister of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy
  • Minister of Sustainable Population
  • Minister of Defence Material
  • Minister of Special Minister of State
  • Minister of Employment Participation
  • Minister of Human Services and Social Inclusion
Following a high-level Lillian luncheon overlooking the beach, I'd like to propose the following:
  • Minister of Silly Walks
  • Minister of Media Releases
  • Minister of Chocolate
  • Minister of Wobbly Things
  • Minister of Former MPs
  • Minister of Beating Liberals over the Head
  • Minister for Union Bully Tactics
  • Minister for NewsLtd and Free Speech
  • Minister for Lightly Coloured Greens and Two Weak Independents
  • Minister for Pretending to Listen and People's Assembly
I welcome further serious additions.



Minister for syd loopy internet filter zionist west bank lover walker ?

Amanda said...

Careful YASSHHHAAAA you might get in trouble for defamation. You forgot Minister for Cleaning up other Ministers' stuff ups. Oh wait, did I say that out loud? Hehe....

yk said...

My humble contribution:

Minister for Free Beer

Minister for Acceptance of Responsibility

Minister for Bob Katter

Minister for Getting Jan McLucas to Move to Cairns

Julia's Brain said...

how about Minister of Ministers!!!

James Wilson, Kewarra said...

Minister of Overseas Holiday Assignments

Minister of Queensland and other rouge duties as may be required

Alison Alloway said...

I like the idea of a Minister for Sustainable Population. There is so much we need to discuss as a nation, particularly with the leading edge of the boomers retiring next year.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Minister for Concealing the Facts.
Minister for Hoarding the Gold.
Minister for Spending the Gold.
Minister for Spanking Ministers.
Minister for Sex-Toys.
Minister for Paedophiles in Parliament.
Minister for Backstabbing.

Queenie said...

A few that slip off the top of my mind . . . .

Minister for Maintenence of Politicians' Honesty - (this will be a rare appointment).

Minister for Feng Shui and Balance.

Minister for Health (who doesn't look unhealthy).

Minister for Reducing Civil Servants & Bureaucracy (refer to Insulation & BER schemes - as a beginning)
OR ?? Minister Against Death By Bureaucracy.

Minister for Promoting Gross National Happiness. Hey - they have it in Bhutan, folks.

Minister for Making Me Rich In All Aspects of My Life - very important.

Minister for Government Doing As Little As Possible. My take: more legislation = more fuss, more rules, more cost, more bureaucracy.