Monday 13 September 2010

Bob Katter's Protest Poncho

Independent Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has a Protest Poncho, and now has a Facebook page named in its honour.

"Imagine what he can achieve over the next three years as one of the most powerful people in Australian politics...Just imagine!" screams the profile.

Andrea Graham says the poncho is only Offered in fashionable banana yellow. "One size fits all ideologies," says Andrea.


Jerry Garcia said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I can't help being disappointed by Bob Katter's actions last week.

He was the main advocate of the 3 Indies sticking together, but then jumped ship and backed the Liberals, leaving Windsor and Oakeshott to carry the weight of an inevitable decision to back Labor.

Bob thus avoids any flak for anything unpopular that results, while ensuring that he can safely continue to carry on about import duties, and his other antediluvian obsessions, without any risk of actually being expected to deliver on them.

"Imagine what he can achieve over the next three years as one of the most powerful people in Australian politics...Just imagine!" - indeed! Imagine is all we can do, since Katter himself has ensured that he can do nothing, while nicely looking after his own interests.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I wanted one of these, till I found out it only came in banana yellow.

Seriously though, Bob Katter had no choice but to jump on board with Tony and his team. We can only speculate on the pressure he may have recieved from the mining companies in his electorate but even if there was none, his electorate dictates that he must side with the conservatives.

I found it interesting that he probably knew that from the very beginning but joined in the discussion until he was sure Labor had the numbers. Very interesting indead.


Alison Alloway said...

I agree with you Jerry Garcia. Bob had a real chance of being part of a troika who controlled the Parliament. Yes, he initially said the three "amigos" would all stick together, then he broke his word and abandoned the other two. It is very easy to huff and puff, to posture and grandstand to impress gullible, uneducated people, than it is to formulate, deliver and sell policies to the electorate. Noise, tantrums, recriminations, beating his chest -these are what Katter does best.
It has given him a national profile, but it has not helped rural interests at all.
Katter has blown the best chance he ever had at getting equity for the rural areas.

KitchenSlut said...

What is the evidence that there is not equity for the "rural and regional" areas? I have heard much wind and cant recently but never seen a really good empirial research analysis?

Note: Outcomes on health and income are NOT evidence of inequality per se in opportunity relative to ability and if you don't understand why then do some empirical research?!

Alison Alloway said...

KitchenSlut, I lived in Western Queensland for some time. My own sister-in-law almost died following an emergency caesarian section at one small hospital where the Doctor had not performed such a surgery before. She owes her life to nothing but sheer luck.
These hospitals need upgraded surgical facilities, more medical staff and access to broadband or technology where the Doctors can be guided through emergency procedures by specialists. That is just ONE area where rural areas need injection of Government funding.

Queenie said...

Erm, I think folks that Bob actually had the LNP on his voting card as the second preference, & he was given heaps on that basis as the way to go in the first 10 days or so after the election.

Then again - I don't mind that he's gone that way - the Fed Parlt is in a weird sort of balance, & let's just go with it & see what happens?

Better than outright Labor or Libs, which I think we all dreaded.

Maybe with the independents, as has been commentated on (eg. Steve Bracks, former Lab Victorian Premier,) that a hung (? balanced) Parliament provided much better Parliamentary input & far less Lib/Lab 'he said/she said' -type wrangling.