Tuesday 14 September 2010

Don't accept sweeties from this stranger

A killer is on the lose in our region, and he was last spotted in Tully, south of Cairns, on August 28th.

Victoria Police are investigating a sighting of fugitive Graham Potter, who is facing charges of conspiracy to murder and federal drug charges.

When he was spotted in Tully, he ran into a forest area from a police intercept.

53 year old Potter, who has previously been jailed for murdering and decapitating a young NSW female, broke bail, following being charged with planning to murder in February.

"Potter is dangerous and police want to catch him quickly," Detective Superintendent Gerry Ryan told ABC. "We believe that because he's escaped and in possession of a lot of his personal identity, it puts a higher risk to the community and we are asking for the community to come forward and assist us in locating him," he said.

Police have found his camping equipment from a caravan park in Tully where they say he had been living for the past month. They also discovered disguises including a fat suit.

His appearance now adorns a ginger beard with dyed brown hair. Potter is Caucasian, 175cm tall, medium to solid build, brown eyes and fair complexion. He has a gold sleeper earring in both ears and regularly wears a gold chain around his neck and glasses.

he has also used various names, including "Josh Lawson," and "Peter Adams", and whilst in Ravenshoe on the southern Atherton Tablelands, he was "John Page," and in Tully, he was "Jim Henderson."

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