Monday 13 September 2010

How much of the $314,000 is left in community radio finances?

Last year, when Rodney Coutts took over as president of Cairns community radio, there was $314,058 in the kitty.

Tonight, just 12 months on, at the 2010 Annual General Meeting of Cairns community radio, we will all see how much has been consumed in numerous spurious legal letters and advice that should have been handled by the voluntary elected committee - all in an effort to get rid of members that challenged Mr Coutts.

We will also see how much has been paid to voluntary members of the committee, which is in contradiction to the announcement at the AGM on September 28th 2009, when Rod Coutts said they would operate under total transparency.

Over the last year, the community radio, has not one published any monthly accounts, and along with management committee minutes, have been locked away from any public scrutiny.

Rod Coutts told members last week, that "if financial statements are made available, they will have to be handed in at the end of the meeting."

SEE Rodney Coutts speaking with CairnsBlog following the AGM last year. I'll have our cameras there again this evening.

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