Thursday 16 September 2010

Angry Cairns community disgusted at closed AGM

Kristy O'Brien from 7 News did a stella effort covering Monday's Cairns community radio AGM.

I'll upload a series of CairnsBlog video interviews from the aftermath of the AGM, soon. The closed annual meeting revealed a $160,000 black hole of unexplained financial activity.


Lustful Lenny said...

That Forsyth chick is one hot mumma!!

Yet another exmember said...

The real story is the huge financial loss. 12 months away from bankruptcy. No money, no station.

stinhambo said...

To much reliance on a dying tourism industry and housing development, too little forward thinking in getting businesses to open up this way.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Stations like this are doomed. The technology has moved on. There is no "Angry Cairns community" on this issue. It's a yawner.

Bankrupt in a year? It can't come fast enough.

Move along. Nothing to see here.