Tuesday 14 September 2010

Were you txt'in on the way to the office this morning?

Around 7am this morning, there was a nasty two vehicle traffic crash on the corner of Ray Jones Drive and Lyons Street, Portsmith.

Fire and Rescue Service and ambulances were called and the female driver was shaken but didn't sustain injuries. However, the male driver received some minor injuries and was taken to Cairns Base Hospital.

Damage was caused to traffic lights and both vehicles. It's expected the disruptions will take most of the morning to repair the lights.

Forensic crash investigators are investigating the crash and are appealing to anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations to contact Cairns Police on 4030 7000.


JKR said...

I am amazed that noone was seriously injured. The Zinc vehicle is a right-off. Good to hear everyone is ok.

Tmm said...

Actually, it was 2 males - one in each vehicle. No females were involved.

My partner was the first person to the scene, both parties were unconscious in their cars when he got to them. He was able to waken them both, and helped both parties out of their vehicles. He had to kick in the windscreen of the utility which was on his at the time to help the driver out, as there was oil and diesel on the road.

My partner had just finished a 12 hours shift doing security in the city and was still wearing his work uniform which is similar in colour to a police uniform, so some assumed it was a cop there.