Tuesday 21 September 2010

The $52.4 million Federal election

The Australian Electoral Commission has started making payments to political parties and candidates for votes received at the 2010 federal election.

The total of the first payment is $52,411,291. Payments have been made to 10 parties and 17 independent candidates.

The AEC says that this is the first round of payments, based on the progressive vote count as at 10 September 2010. This accounts for around 99% of the funding entitlements.

"A second and final round of payments of all outstanding funding entitlements is to be made once vote counting is finalised," the AEC says. "Funding Entitlements are calculated using an indexed sum per first preference vote. At the 2010 federal election, each first preference vote was worth 231.191 cents."

The Australian Labor Party received the highest entitlement at $20,935,323, Liberal Party $20,819,820, The Greens $7,086,053, and the National Party $ 2,441,843. Family First received $403,122.

Prominent independent Tony Windsor (New England, NSW) receives $129,099, Rob Oakeshott (Lyne, NSW) gets $91,691, Bob Katter (Kennedy, Qld) $87,383, and Andrew Wilkie (Denison, Tas.)$31,557.

Sadly God works in mysterious ways. The Fred Nile Nutters, commonly known as the Christian Democratic Party, receives $17,407, and the Australian Sex Party gets $11,197 worth of Viagra.

In order to be entitled to election funding, a candidate must obtain at least 4% of the formal first preference vote.

It's a nice gig if you can get it.


Constance Lloyd said...

Just wondering if you Mike, or any other blog bunnificio reading, knows if these payment to individuals attract either the GST or income tax? One can see why politics is attractive for some.

Perhaps that's also the real reason why Wendy R will be putting up her hand as an Independent come the next Queensland state election?

Joanne Drummond, CBD said...

Nice one. I'm in the wrong business... but see why Pauline Hanson jumped on the money tree!!!!

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Oh Whoopdy Doody, how wonderful for those beneficiaries of other people's money, after taking so long to decide who can sit at the throne.
God, I would hate to take any of them shopping!
The AEC are crawling back into the news eh? I do think these people believe they are on top of their game. Yeah Right!
Somewhere out there, in cash money land, there are five(5)crisp new $100 bills, which have yet to be returned to a nominee, namely me, after being disqualified from the ballot paper, for telling the truth, OR they have been pocketed by a mysterious someone at the AEC.
When I chose not to have my name on the ballot in Military fashion, I was firmly told in writing, that it could never happen.
I chose to withdrew my nomination, before the close of nominations, so I could then go about launching a legal challenge against the AEC.
When anyone withdraws a nomination in an election, before the close of nominations, the rules say you are automatically refunded in full.
Still waiting....bloody thieves, not happy Jan!
I am always reminded of the logo above the old office door:
"Don't Lie, Cheat, or Steal, the Government Hates Competition".

KitchenSlut said...

The ammount spent seems cheap relative to the consequences of not doing so and should if anything be expanded but with more considered criteria.

Value for senate votes should be reduced this is an obvious black hole currently funding fruitloops of all persuasions such as both Fred Nile and the Sex Party!

The extremely high payout to Tony Windsor (vis a vis Oakeshott and Katter) is entirely because the ALP didnt stand in that electorate? So much for independence on that one?

P.S. I know and have my disagreements with Wendy Richardson but the motovation suggested here is rubbish. This is a damned hard way to make money with almost certain failure for most and the abject failure of Cheryl Kernot (Cheryl Who?)in the NSW Senate should sensibly demonstrate that to anyone ......