Wednesday 22 September 2010

Meet Hans: An ecology interpretative tour guide and a stereophotographer

Hans Van Veluwen is a rainforest ecology interpretative tour guide and a stereophotographer, based in Port Douglas.

As another loyal CairnsBlog reader, Hans - which he says is a 'good old Aussie name' - asked if I would publicise his website.

"I have been following CairnsBlog from the beginning," Hans Van Veluwen said. "I do read the local news now and again and sometimes I find some news a little confronting and ambiguous, in that case I always turn to your blog to either seek the truth of the matter or simply get a sane perspective."

Hans has a unique combination of talents. He's a rainforest ecology interpreter and a tour guide. He also undertake unique photography, that he calls stereophotography - the art of 3D photos.

"No one will hire a guide with an opinion up here. I work for the 'thinking travellers' that visit our wonderful region and loathe the term, 'bums on seats,'" Jans says. "I still believe the customer is king...rather an outdated notion nowadays but something I am still passionate about."

"I'm also passionate about our environment and the need to promote the conservation of it for future generations," Hans says.

As a keen 3D photographer he captures images of our region and around Australia in 3D, or "stereographic photography."

"Although my website is another blog amongst hundreds of others, I believe if you look through my archives, that we may have things in common," Hans says. "Especially about writing the truth. Keep up the good work you do in informing north Queensland about what matters.

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Oliver Deadlynch said...

I had the pleasure to take a tour of the Daintree with Hans in 2007, a Landcruiser full of friends and family and it was a memorable magical experience with someone so knowledgable and passionate as he.