Friday 17 September 2010

$6.2 million and not an inch of shade cloth. Dickheads

We all contributed towards the $6.28 million for 12 international tennis standard plexi-cushion court, at the new Cairns International Tennis Centre.

$1.9 million from the Queensland State Government. $3.87 million from Cairns Regional Council. $420,000 from Tennis Queensland, and an $80,000 rebate from Tennis Australia.

There's also night lighting, allowance for temporary grandstands and a two-storey clubhouse.

In a Labor love-fest, a crammed media release out this week, Queensland Sport Minister Phil Reeves; Member for Cairns Desley Boyle, Barron River's Steve Wettenhall, and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt, all crammed a quote in each. It was like a topless doubles match between Venus and Serena Williams - not knowing where to look. I won't reprint any of their quotes, as you can all predict what they would have said. You know, we did it all, and you lot should be thankful... blaa, blaa, blaa.

Needless to say, after spending a cool $6.2 mill, excluding some chunky celebrity fees for Mikey Robbins and Paul McDermott for last Friday's bash at the Sebel (more on that soon), they didn't install one shade-cloth or covering for the audience or the players.

Council, being the lead managers in this project, are infamous for doing this on various playgrounds around the region. It's always after the thing is constructed, there's screams from the local community to install shade cloths.

How difficult is it to build in such a vital bit of protection into the overall planning? We get lectured from the government - and rightly so - about the perils of sun cancer in Australia. In North Queensland, we experience some of the most server exposure to the sun, anywhere in the country.



Tennis Pro in Edge Hill said...

Professional standards do NOT allow shade cloth to be used on pro-standard courts. They give an unnatural diversion of the wind, which could tend to favour one player over another.

But nice try at attacking council, Mike. Should see you listed on the "Hillbilly Watch" soon.

Oh, and in a topless match between Venus and Serena, we know where you'd be looking - the ballboys.

Handsome know-all from Hollywood said...

When I pretend to be who I want to be, choose my own suburb and make out I'm an expert with a sharp wit, I rise above my pathetic real-life existence and become a hero in my own mind.

NotTheChaser said...

I don't know if you are right or wrong Tennis Pro in Edge Hill (I suspect you are wrong) but I fail to see that where players are playing in the same conditions, and changing ends etc. it would make a difference to an outcome to have covering from the weather. I am sure there are thousands of instances around the world.
Also, Tennis Pro, keep your eye on the ball and don't attempt backhanded and pathetic personal attacks. They don't make a point. Double Fault!!

Thaddeus said...

Wonder how Entsch's 20,000 footie stadium/cum entertainment centre will fare? Can't you hear the whinging and whining already?

Tennis Observer said...

The "grandstand" is actually a temporary structure that will come down as soon as the event is over. (Its NOT cyclone rated) and to include a shade sail was going to be prohibatively expensive so I was told.