Sunday 26 September 2010

LNP proposed "tasers for teachers"

Now this is funny, in a sick way.

A policy adviser for the LNP has been sacked and a number of other staff given warnings after writing a joke policy proposing that teachers should be provided with tasers.

Opposition leader, John-Paul Langbroek is angry and says it was in extremely poor taste.

"It's conduct that does not accord with the high standards that I expect from my office," Langbroek says. "I've got a history in my family of a father who's a retired teacher, a mother who's a retired library aid and of course it's not anything the LNP would seriously consider as a policy for behaviour management in schools."

"I think it's very disappointing that sometimes in an office situation people can lose sight of the main game and in this case clearly that's been done. It's not to the standards that I expect and that's why action has been taken and will be taken."

Here's some extract of the joke policy....
  • "Provide a valuable discipline tool, allow control of the entire class without physical contact and ensure class concentration."

  • "The cost of a roll-out could be offset by financial and social benefits including decreased expenditure on stress leave for teachers and decreased rates of anti-social behaviour."

  • "The most common complaint from teachers is that there are no alternatives for discipline.".

  • "In previous years, they had a choice - limited to wooden products but a choice none the less."
Maybe Cairns Regional Council should issue one to the CEO for when naughty Councillors receive a Code of Conduct breach?


Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I shouldn't.....but I giggled. As a joke, it's no more offensive than a blonde or Kiwi joke. As an actual policy, it's just plain wrong. Sad really, that we Aussies have lost our sense of humour.

3rd Floor Admin said...

Michael - one glare from Lyn Russell is worth more than a dozen tasers.

Jenelle Dillon said...


shade said...

I did giggle I must admit. I giggled at the joke on us, the people. We pay our politicians a signficant amount of money and they in turn pay their advisers the same. To think, draft and file a policy that it's denied later as a joke ONLY because people find it ridiculous, should not comfort us. What if we were all insane and thought it was a good idea? The policy is there, all they'd have to do is implement it. It wouldn't be funny afterall.

Guru Bob said...

Wow! Imagine teachers wandering around on playground duty like coppers with their Batman utility belts... cuffs, Bat radios, batons, guns, capsicum spray and Tasers.
Do they come in colours other than yellow? It would be a bugger if you want to accessorise.

David Anthony of Bungalow said...

The "funniest" part about this joke is that a lot of people support the tasers-in-school policy.

Mandy Moo said...

Great way to control the unruly little shits, I say.

Gandalf the Grey said...

We shouldn't be too surprised, only idiots would want to work in John-Paul Langbroek's office anyway - but what is offensive is that we citizens are paying the wages for this moron to dick around when he/she should bloody-well be working.

The Bligh govt can do what they like, because there is no danger whatsoever that the voters are going to replace Labor with this bunch of turkeys.

Who was John-Paul named after, anyway? The Pope or the pop star?

Anonymous said...

We should not only have them in schools, they should be available in shopping centres, so we can zap those those fat mountains of flesh with no neck that waddle through the centre, three abreast, blocking access to everyone who just want to get on with their business..

Thaddeus said...

I can remember when we had corporate punishment in the schools...floggings and canings, heads being cuffed, backsides kicked. Good, you reckon? Seeing kids knocked flat on the ground breathless, then being yelled at to stand up, and when they couldn't being picked up by their ear or hair and dragged up. Yeah, it was real good. Ask the kids who had canings on bottoms with boils on them. There were some teachers who were sadists...I remember oe who would cane the girls around their lower bottoms and keep on caning them util they wet themselves. Then he would call them "dirty little slatterns".
Let's all hope we never return to those dark and terrible days.

Maz said...

If anyone, teacher, cop, anyone put a taser on my children or grandchildren, I'd more than 'taser them'..guaranteed...breach of human rights, civil liberties, cruelty, deprivation of liberties etc etc...I'd be prepared to 'do time' and know that they are 'in a hole to never come out' and I would get outa jail...just try me!!