Tuesday 28 September 2010

Council cancels October meetings

Cairns Regional Council has cancelled the Finance and Administration Committee, the Infrastructure Services Committee, and the Water and Waste Committee meetings, all scheduled to be held on 20 October.

"Reports that would be considered at these committee meetings will be presented to Council’s Ordinary meeting to be held on Wednesday, 27 October 2010," CEO Lyn Russell said.

Agendas for all Council meetings are available on Council's website on the Friday prior to the meeting date.

This is in stark contrast to the former Cairns City Council under Kevin Byrne, that only kept minutes up for a short period. During the campaign led up to the 2008 local body election, I asked several times for this to occur. One answer given that there wasn't enough space on their server. You can now access all prior meetings dating back to whenever.

A similar battle to publish minutes on their website is being waged with the Cairns Community Radio, following an order from the ACMA nearly a year ago to do so. How hard is that?

Takes over a year to get a minute.

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