Wednesday 15 September 2010

Julia Spillard with the First Bloke

The cheeky Gabby Millgate, whose incarnation, the Unreal Prime Minister, Julia (Joolia) Spillard, is becoming somewhat of an internet sensation.

Just last week, she granted an exclusive interview with CairnsBlog, and today has released some private conversations with her hairdresser Tim.

This is the second intimate look at Julia's relationship with the First Bloke of Australia, starring Gabby Millgate as Julia Spillard, Lucy Worth as Suzanne and introducing Shane Hughes as the First Bloke -a cross between Russell Crowe and Brendan Cowell.

Julia Spillard returns to Cairns next week for the Buskers Festival. You can see all her videos on YouTube or folow her on Twitter.

Strap yaself in.

Part 2...

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