Wednesday 8 September 2010

AUDIO: Julia Spillard talks about returning to rule Australia

Julia Spillard, the Unreal Prime Minister of Australia, chats with CairnsBlog about regaining the government benches.

When I telephoned her late last evening at her Sydney home, she was celebrating with her favourite song on her iPod.

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Hingehead said...

This is hilarious. Not. Wasting our precious bandwidth and time.

Sounded more like Helen Clark - interviewer did a nice kiwi accent too.

Mike, I'm close to turning you off twitter and rss.

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks for the compliment Hingehead. When you stop listening or reading my work, I'll repay the compliment.

Brenda said...

I am new to your site and thought that some of your posts were great. However, this one, in my opinion, is a little juvenile. I am not a great lover of Julia either, but I don't think that should make one disrespectful, and you are, in both your title and your supposedly humorous audio. To be honest, your post is not worthy of an educated individual. Perhaps this is proof, alone, that with each generation uncivilised and insolent behaviour will reign.
The media are accountable in an idealistic world. Unfortunately, we are not there.

Michael P Moore said...

Brenda, you're of course entitled to your view... but it's called humour and we each have a very different funny bone and what makes us laugh.

"Julia Spillard" is played by Aussie comic Gabby Millgate, who stared in Muriel's Wedding, Full Frontal and done loads of comedy gigs...

Check out her YouTube channel, and she's also on Twitter.

As for saying this is "uncivilised and insolent behaviour" - I think you really need to relax somewhat and not take everything so serious. After 17 days of boring politicking...a little light relief was well in order, and if you've been following my writing for a few years - you will know I enjoy a good laugh along the way.

However, you do say it's only your opinion. For the record, it's not "disrespectful" (in both title and supposedly humorous audio)- as I said, the name and character belongs to an actor (or actress).

I'm so sorry CairnsBlog couldn't be of a humorous injection for you today. I hope you have some friends to cheer you up soon.

Sammy Jaye, Freshwater said...

It was funny. Full stop!


Thanks for posting this, Mike, I really appreciate a bit of political satire to lighten things up, and this is definitely not disrespectful - that's a precious reaction! And sending up someone as controlled and phlegmatic as our Julia is never going to be easy.

I'd love to hear similar parodies of Tone, or Barnaby, or Warren.

Re: "Aussie comic Gabby Millgate, who stared in Muriel's Wedding" -sorry to be pedantic (it's a reflex, like Tourette's) - maybe she did stare, but is it possible you meant starred? That's STAR, STARRING, STARRED; STARE, STARING, STARED; & STIR, STIRRING, STIRRED.

And just to set Col straight, no one is ever elected PM; they are all individual members until 1 of them commands a majority on the floor of the house; that is what Julia has done - suck it up, Col!