Wednesday 29 September 2010

Christchurch records 1,153 earthquakes since September 4th

Since the massive 7.1 earthquake hit the South Island city of Christchurch at 4:36am on Saturday the 4th September, there have been 1,152 more aftershocks and quakes, many of the substantial.

The local reaction is impossible to imagine and the impact that it's having on residents. On the initial Saturday there were 98 quakes recorded, two days later on the Monday, 261 quakes were recorded in a single 24-hour-period. The numbers are hard to comprehend.


Colin R said...

my friend barb wrote and she lives in christchurch .
well 3 weeks later and we have had nearly 1100 after shocks this is getting beyond a joke I am over it Crack in the floor and wall get wider with each one and we cant fix them untic earthquake assessor has been round and that will be 6 months away as we are low priority
WE ARE ALIVE thank goodness though a lot of damage to the house The aftershocks are still going we are sleeping in our clothes with torches and cellphones at the ready to get out again. Scariest thing of my life as I was home alone bu...t we arent as bad as some out home is still standing. How I dont know but it is. Thanks for thinking of us. The ground is constantly rolling like you are on a ship and it is a new fault line they didnt know existed so we have no idea what will happen next they are predicting a nother big one so we brace ourselves. Our water is contaminated but at least we have power on at the moment. Parts of Christchurch buildings and roads have dissapeared. I was working yesterday and was shocked at what I saw. People saw the Nurse symbol on my car and came running for help It was heart wrenching. And the worst part was all the rubbernecker going around taking photos

Sam from Sydney said...

There's now been another 53 - bringing the total to 1,204. Far out. New Zealand rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwicuz said...

Hi Mike.
Good to chat tonight on Skype. Yep, this place rocks well. Like I said, we miss the rocking if it is calm and still for more than about 5 hours. Coming into the night, we usually expect a shake or two overnight.
Take care.

Carl Richter said...

“In the latest news from Christchurch...”

Land Settlement

The Mayor, Bob Parker, has just asked the Maoris for our blankets and muskets back, claiming the land we got is faulty.