Tuesday 21 September 2010

Julia is finger licking good


Kevin O' Lemon said...

Well she better flaunt it while she can as time is of the essence!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Naah Mikey - a tad too texist mate, unless you can come up with an equal Abbott entry.
Speaking as a woman, it's always womens' appearance in politics that comes up -: Just What Necklace Is Hillary Clincton Wearing? way before their policy.
Maybe I doth protesteth too much? but it happens every time a women gets elected.
What is it? Looking at the new animal in the zoo? Perhaps it's simple biological determinism.
But to turn it around - do we really want to know what colour are Tony's public furry bits?

Eric the Half a Bee said...

Here's a possible Abbott KFC recipe

-two small nuggets
-all white meat
- extra crispy skin
- lightly seasoned with secret herbs n' spices
- prepared in our special pressure cooker
- bring your own carry-sack