Wednesday 15 September 2010

"The following recipient failed permanently"

I just sent an email to MP for Cairns, Desley Boyle.

Seems like my message wasn't welcome - and was returned immediately saying "the following recipient failed permanently."

That may be the case, and I don't want to be dictated to by an auto-email robot about Desley's political performance over the last few years, but I wonder why my email didn't get through?

My message didn't contain any salacious photos, nor any discussion about a crusty old Yacht Club building; and certainly nothing saying 'Anna-Anna, pants on fire', just a courtesy message about what the nasty LNP are up too.

So, has the "recipient failed permanently"? That's the $64,000 question.


I just looked through my address book, after blog reader "Mark" asked where I got the wrong email address from, and low and behold... it came from Council's media officer...


Unknown said...

maybe because the email address is wrong?

Unknown said...

Would be interesting to know where you clicked?

only to identify where the issue sits (QLD Labor Website, or the QLD Government details provided)

Tony Hillier said...

Mike, Perhaps you should try:

Candid Kamara said...

It's simple - it's, and not, which you emailed.

It's actually quite clear on Desley's website, and the mailto: links look correct.

So, a bit of a non-blog here? Get back to your community radio stoush and stop picking on our poor Desley!!

Michael P Moore said...


Unknown said...

I sent an e-mail to Desley Boyle's office as well today and got a response within an hour.

Michael P Moore said...

Good Nick. Read my update on the story above...

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Well, the recipient has failed permanently over the last couple of years. Absolutely nothing to actually support Cairns, & if she has, she hasn't publicised it.

Apart from the Yacht Club debacle, (for which Wettenoballs is equally reprehensible. Desley & Steve between them have about 58,000 constituents. 11,000 people signed the Retain Cairns Yacht Club As It Is petition - ie. 20% of their electorates - in only six weeks. Or perhaps I am attributing their shortcomings to Ms. Bligh's lust for power?) I digress.

Desley Do-Nothing is in today's ComPost saying she can do nothing, absolutely nothing, about retaining the esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Chadoor, as "she wouldn't want to get involved in medical registration issues". Bullshit, she's just doing nothing.

She then goes on to say that there are already two cardiologists at the Base, & that's quite enough.
Like folks, there are no extra patients in Cairns who need cardiac treatment, & in fact the cardiologists are sitting there twiddling their thumbs, Desley? I think not.

Considering alone the poor state of health among remote communities, & factoring in the beer & fags diet of many of the white indigenous, I dare say a cardiologist or two extra could be useful.

Dr. Chadoor is highly qualified, & he & his equally medically-qualified wife emigrated from the UK intentionally to work in Cairns, & have bought a house here, relocated their children.

He is apparently an excellent practitioner, & is well-regarded by his patients, who I think are organising a protest meeting tonight or tomorrow night.

This is not only a Cairns problem, but the Compost (OK, for once...) did highlight four other cases today where Queensland Health is stuffing around highly-qualified practitioners around their emigration to Australia, in situations similar to Dr. Chadoor.

If this trend continues, well-qualified doctors will not immigrate to Oz, or Cairns, & as Johnnie Howard willed it, we are bloody short of doctors in Oz (well, until about 6-8 years into the future), & we're not thick on the ground with them in the Far North.

And Desley does: no thing.