Thursday 30 September 2010

Wendy Richardson confirmed as Barron River Queensland Party candidate

With the State election expected to be called for November 2011, the Queensland Party has today announced the preselection of Wendy Richardson for the seat of Barron River for the next state election.

This will be Richardson's fourth election race, having previously run in the State seat on Cairns for Liberal, the Tablelands Regional Council, and also in the 2009 State election for Barron River with the LNP.

Leader of the Queensland Party and Member for Beaudesert Aidan McLindon said Richardson would be focusing on common sense issues in Barron River that had been ignored for too long.

"Wendy grew up in the Barron River electorate and is very familiar with the diverse needs and interests of the community," McLindon said. "As someone who lives and works in the region, she has an extraordinary knowledge of the issues of Far North Queensland and her commitment to serving the people is without doubt."

Wendy Richardson, who has four children and lives in Brinsmead, said that she was excited at the prospect of representing her community as a Queensland Party Member of Parliament.

“The Queensland Party focuses the on the need for its members to represent their communities first and foremost which will give me the opportunity to deliver results that will make a real difference locally,” Wendy Richardson says. "Local issues such as unemployment, needless government bureaucracy and the creation of more opportunities for our young people to live, learn and grow in this electorate are critical to the region, and to our state."

"We in the electorate have known for a very long time that our community has often been overlooked by this government, and we must do so much better in delivering government investment in the area," Richardson says. “As part of Aidan McLindon’s team I am confident that we can start immediately to change Barron River for the better."

It is believed that the LNP and Labor will commence pre-selection meetings in the next two months. Hot favourite for the Cairns seat for Labour is political consultant, Tim Grau, however there may well be a push from Queensland Rail union advocate, local sports and community identity, Richie Bates, who contested the 2008 council election.

Yodie Batzke, who ran in the Federal election, will contest the Cairns seat in next year's State election as an independent.


Smithfield Sam said...

Voting for "perennial" candidates got us all in trouble with Jim "What Me Worry" Turnour.

Wendy runs a lot, but hasn't done anything constructive. Ever.


Warren Entsch said...

If you come out just a big fat thing we'll be in tears...

Too much fried sausages and yet there's not that amount of sausage eating going down...

I suspect Wettenhall hopes he doesn't get a fishbone or fried chicken bone stuck in his throat going against the fried sausages .... what else has he got going??? ...

Tonto said...

The phrase "big fish in a very small pond" springs to mind. From the Queensland Party's own website - "The constitution of the Queensland Party has been drafted and refined since 2006." So it's not a new party and McLindon and his merry band of wannabees have clambered on board someone else's vision - or else - McLindon planned all of this eons ago and used and abused the LNP under false pretences for his own personal benefit.

As for poor Wendy. Ho hum - it's not going to happen dear; salvage what is left of your tattered reputation and just fade away. But you won't - you thrive on being a candidate; a some-one in the eye of the public, with the odd paragraph in the Cairns Post; and for a fleeting moment - living the glory days of your youth.

Cool Change said...

Wendy Richardson is a spoiler. Having been rejected by the LNP because she is unelectable she has now chosen to run as a pay back so that Steve has a better chance of winning.

Her family name may be well known but in politics you need to be respected and above all well liked.

It is time that the ALP be put out to graze as they have been too long in government. Wendy's ego may yet be the winning break Steve needs to win again.

Questioning Yodie said...

So is Yodie moving from Mount Sheridan or planning on running for a seat she doesn’t even live in?

chris forsberg said...

Chris Forsberg says:-

Give the gals a go....OK, so Wendy
has run a few times before - but you've got to give her full marks for trying: she campaigns relentlessly, listens attentively to the gripes of people she hopes will one day be her constituents -
and won't be by any means the ugliest candidate on the card.

And IF it's true that Yodi is
running as an Independent for
Cairns, she too qualifies as a
worthy contender...

Neither one of them will win - but
their preferences might decide who
does - and both should be congratulated for 'having a go'.

Both 'stand-up' for whatever their
political beliefs are - and neither
deserve the inevitable slagging
that bloggers will doubtless accord

chris forsberg bayview heights

Des said...

After yodies landslide of support at the recent poll.
She has less chance than wendy .

Ho Hum the paid bum said...

Good old chris forsberg the PAID aspect of his political comments are amusing .
Is he being spokesperson for the fishing party , nqp party , or who ever he is a PAID spokesperson for ?
Wendy and yodie look like being his next customers .
As for the slagging or bagging it is peoples UNPAID thoughts chris .

Happiness without prejudice! said...

Good view on things re all Chris, this Blog arena is getting uneducated and nasty, glad you have positive thinking up top opposed to many. Yodi and Wendy deserve 'congratulations' for 'having a go' in liu of sitting on their clakker doing nothing but 'blog' rot as per most of the blogs on here, how about 'think positive so positive happpens' do for youth by 'example' in lieu of crap. This site is crying out for change or closure for a more positive situation. Anyway thats what I think. Dont want to be like most on here. Good luck to FNQ party as well, it's about time.