Friday 1 October 2010

More slap than tickle


John Pratt said...

A teenager was killed cycling home from work this week. Too many cyclists and pedestrians are being killed or injured on our roads.

We need to build more safe bike paths and footpaths.

Cairns pathways are a disgrace and many of our citizens are paying with their lives.

We pride ourselves on being a green and tourist friendly city.

We need to have a foot/bike path on every stret.

Tourists and students should be able to move freely around Cairns without a risk to life and limb!

It is far too dangerous to have bikes and people sharing access with cars and trucks.

We have high unemployment lets put some of these people to work on making all our paths safe.

Unknown said...

What is really sad about it is that some people on a certain radio station tried to blame this on the Mayor because she closed down Sheridan St. for heavy trucks.

These are the same people who are constantly campaigning against the building of bikeways throughout Cairns.It is disgusting that some people tried to make mileage out of this tragedy.

Bikes and cars/trucks do not mix. Putting in a separate, secure bikeway will prevent accidents like this.

My sympathy is with the loved ones of this young man who died so needlessly.

Jude Johnston said...

This tragic loss of life was "just waiting to happen". I have mentioned before the dangers of navigating this roundabout. The near misses every single day simply because drivers think the two lane Aumuller Street is a race track with the roundabout an obstacle to get around as quickly as possible. Not forgetting to plant the foot on exiting. It is more noticiable with the traffic heading to Mulgrave Rd from Portsmouth and those heading up Scott St towards the city. Why? I guess cause they have a longer approach to pick up speed.
Very few vehicles approach this roundabout from those two directions at anything like 40k. I prefer roundabouts to traffic lights, however, this intersection would proably be one where traffic lights would benefit all. It would certainly make trying to cross Aumuller St to and from the Bungalow Post Office a safer option. Go and stand in the pedestrian "refuge" on Aumuller
St any weekday, at any time and you will see what I mean.
On my way home from work yesterday I noticed the council are doing road works on the roundabout. Too little too late for young Jackson.