Tuesday 21 September 2010

Nameless sports star yet to be outed

Newly connected Twitter fan Fiona Henderson @Fifikins tipped me off about the Herald Sun attending a court hearing last week when an un-named champion sports star was banned from having contact with a female for a week.

"The Herald Sun has been told the sportsman was intoxicated when the alleged offence occurred," the report says. "Police said they would not comment on whether an investigation was taking place, although argument was heard in court over forensic analysis."

The Herald Sun has not named the man, and he has engaged a top criminal lawyer to defend himself.

I wonder who could this be? Ian Thorpe? Maybe Jason Akermanis... or What's his name from the Footy Show...


armyboi said...

Do we really care who it is? Why should we be so amazed when high profile sports stars are outed for their misbehaviour. Football stars are thugs in tight shorts and window dressing, swim stars are inteligent beings with normal human frailties, as are most other sports stars. Tiger wodds was only doing what 98% of all men do when they are away from home; play up. Sports stars are people; human beings and dependant on their levels of intelegence will play up in some form or another so lets just get used to it.

Syd Walker said...

It was probably me. But I couldn't care less. I'd prefer not to see her for at least a month.

spectator said...

Actually, it was Alan Blake,stalking the 'nard' again, terrorising passing grannies in his stretchy skintights ('proves I'm a real man') .
'Hey Alan, is that really a Blackberry in your shorts or did you just come from Rusty's...?"