Wednesday 29 September 2010

Michael Hooper wants to meet Oprah

"As we all know Oprah is coming to Australia, Oh my God, I would love to meet her when she comes to Cairns," says former Mareeba boy, Michael Hooper, in a open letter to meet Oprah Winfrey.

"Why? Well she has come from rags to richers [sic] and worked very very hard to get where she is today and help millions of people on the way to show them love and the value of life if good or bad."

Hooper, who lives in Cairns, has set up his own Facebook page in an effort to attract attention from the talk show diva.

"So Oprah, if u see my Facebook page when u come to Cairns to see the our great city along with our reef and rainforest, I would love to spend 15 to 30 mins with you over a cold glass of wine and say G'day," Michael Hooper says.

Looks like they both need a stiff one.


PaulB said...

Oh dear, Camper than a row of pink tents. You go Grrrl.

Chow Mein said...

Oh, Bless

some poof said...

Oh my. Maybe Oprah could teach him some basic spelling and grammatical skills as they suck, i mean sip, away the day.

The new Barfly said...

This guy works at Vibe (used to be Sapphire Bar) in Lake Street