Monday 16 March 2009

ABC candidate interviews online

ABC Far North, with a little pressure from Syd Walker, have put up online a series of interviews with all the candidates standing in this weekend's State election.
Fiona Sewell spoke with all candidates over the last week:
  • Barron River with Steve Wettenhall, Wendy Richardson & Sarah Isaac

  • Cairns with Joel Harrop, Desley Boyle & Steve Brech

  • Cook with Jason O'Brien & Craig Batchelor

  • Dalrymple with Shane Knuth, Rosa Lee Long & Jason Briskey

  • Mulgrave with Curtis Pitt & Victor Black

  • Hinchinbrook with Michelle Macklin & Andrew Cripps

These are excellent interviews, and I recommend everyone take some time to listen to their local candidates.

Thanks to Bruce Wooley at ABC Far North for making this happen. Click the sound icon above or this link.

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