Thursday 19 March 2009

Judge says bugga off

Kewarra Beach resident John Babet, who advocates an investigation in to the legality of the Queensland Government, has requested a meeting with senior Cairns' Judges.

"As the spokesperson for local community group Community Reformation Action Group, am in the process of becoming personally acquainted with community leaders," Babet wrote in his letter.
"To this end would appreciate meeting with Honourable Justice Stanley Jones, Supreme Court Her Honour Judge Sarah Bradley, District Court; His Honour Judge William Everson, District Court."
No reply was forthcoming and Babet wrote again.
"Hello Diane, please respond, as two weeks have elapsed since we emailed you."
Judges' Secretary Diane Chambers then responded. "Dear Sir, Her Honour Judge Bradley has asked me to inform you that she will not be available for meetings," read the short letter.
"I have asked the other judges regarding this and they are not available either. Thank you."
John Babet has been promoting a 'People's Grand Jury' to be convened "at a date and venue to be advised."
"This jury would enquire into the Queensland Corporation, Government of the State of Queensland, a State called Queensland - being a member of the Commonwealth of Australia," he says.
Babet also believes local government rates are invalid. "We will not accept either a statement by the Council without proof as to its legal basis, nor will we accept 'an opinion' of the Court unless it is an opinion of the Court, at Law," John Babet says.
Late last year he sent out a dictum on ALP's mandatory introduction of water fluoridation, which he calls the 'lunatic drug'.
"To all State and local Government representatives in Queensland, be on notice, "what you sow, so shall you reap," read the message. "When the time of reckoning comes for having poisoned the people of Queensland, what will be your excuse? Ignorance will not be a defence as herein is a summary of a mountain of evidence which has been sent previously, and you have chosen to ignore. May God have mercy on your Souls."
This recent incarnation of CRAG, which has also been called the Citizens Rates Action Group, says it's an advocate and catalyst for 'positive, peaceful evolutionary reform.
Over the last two terms of Kevin Byrne's Mayoralty, Babet questioned the former Mayor's honestly and his previous business records, that he said were never fully declared. In the week leading up to the March Council election last year, Byrne was forced to make a number of statements about his alleged [a Blogger's favorite word] incomplete declaration, a local government requirement.
John Babet is involved in the Spiritus movement, and successfully challenged Cairns City Council over substantial Rate increases four years ago.


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John Babet?


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Thanks for the endearment SK... Wackjob is slang for Will Always Choose Kindness when doing a Job for the People.

John Babet
Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)