Friday 20 March 2009

It's time to be held to account - Richardson

This morning at 10am, LNP's Barron River candidate, Wendy Richardson will hold a media conference at the remains of the historic Yacht Club building.

"We will hold to account this State Labor government," here are five community group to sat

"Many community groups were not listened to by Labor," Richardson says.

"This old ruined building is a powerful reminder to this community that the Government won't listen to the people. There are many examples of this."

Residents Against Crime, the de-amalgamation campaign for Douglas, fluoride, and the community uprising supporting the Yacht Club building, are some of the campaigns that have been in Labor's target, Richardson says

"How can you trust a Government that doesn't listen to the people," Wendy Richardson says. "They did not listen to these groups, and they haven't be heard. How much do you have to scream to be heard?"

This morning's gathering will be held at the remnants of the Yacht Club building, which now rests on a paddock alongside James Cook University campus at Smithfield.

11,000 people signed a petition last year to retain and protect the building for the community. It stood on the same Wharf Street waterfront site for over 100 years.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the LNP actually voted for the fluoride legislation and have made no committment to repeal the legislation.

Anonymous said...

How can people really believe that the LNP were serious about saving the Yacht Club ? (Incidentally it has been saved - (By Steve Wettenhall) Wendy will be visiting it this morning)! The Nationals have a solid history of destroying anything heritage to make way for developers. Cloudland Ballroom, The Belle Vue Hotel, The House on the Hill in Cairns and the list goes on ! It was the Labor Premier for South Austalia Don Dunstan who fought hard to keep heritage buildings and have a look at Adelaide and surrounds now. The Nationals have jumped onto this so as to drum votes up in F.N.Q. They need them so badly. Wake up to them, please - they can't be trusted with heritage !!

Anonymous said...

Wendy Richardson may do all the right talk about saving heritage and the Yacht Club, but lets face the truth, the party she belongs to, the LNP has no record for saving heritage, they have always sided with developers and heritage has been destroyed. Wendy, you may be nice, but your party has no credibility when it comes to saving heritage. A vote for you would be a vote for envirnmental and heritage destruction under your pro development anti envrinment LNP.

Anonymous said...

Gee Wendy, wasn't it you who said during the yacht club protests that "This is not a political stage for the upcoming election".
Seems to me that when desperation sets in the lies expose themselves, but then again this is typical of national party DNA.
Tell us about how you gate crashed the P&C meeting at Freshwater school recently, UN-INVITED, then left without any concern about what the meeting agenda was, just blabbed your political crap.

Anonymous said...

Mary, as much as I agree with you - I think that the icon of my younger adolescent nightclubbing years - the House on the Hill- actually burnt down. Whether it was arson or not we will never know. But don't the new block of flats standing in its place look 'nice'?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious, even to Blind Freddie, that in the last dying moments of the campaign, Labor party hacks and hackettes are still apologising for the insensitivity of their political masters and mistresses. Steve Wettenhall SAVED the yacht club? Has Mary actually seen the sad and sorry carcase at JCU? Has Mary looked at the dance floor? If she has, does she really believe that it has been saved? And it was Desley (I think) that said recently that it had ALL been saved. Hopefully she will be soon digging into her parliamentary superannuation to purchase the signs still held by the demolition firm and donating them to the Cairns community.

Cloudland was demolished 27 years ago. We as a country, have matured so much in that quarter of a century in our appreciation of heritage and the environment. In 1982 AIDS made its appearance in Australia - the initial public reaction was of fear and ignorance. Remember the Grim Reaper campaign? And this fear, this ignorance, was across the social spectrum; across the political spectrum. But through education and the passage of time, our knowledge and understanding has increased and our fears have lessened. We as a community have listened, become informed and moved forward in our attitudes. For the better.

If we as a community can move forward since 1982, why cannot Mary accept that political parties can also move forward in their belief and their attitudes to contentious issues? Equating the LNP with the parties around 27 years ago is a pretty thin arguement. Indeed sometimes I think that it is Labor that is the more socially backwards party. I admire Don Dunstan and what he did to move South Australia forward ( and I was around at the time of the pink shorts). The fact that Mary alludes to all these events and people from long past kind of suggest a party berefit of something a tad more recent. Certainly the demolition of the Cairns Yacht Club for a high rise building (now thankfully scrapped) was wonderful example of modern day Labor attitudes to heritage.

Rather than being an apologist for the Labor party, I urge Mary to accept that people and politcal party do evolve and change. Not so long ago the only way to be a Labor pollie was to be a union offical. Last time I looked I even think there were a few Labor MP's without a union background!

Times, them are a changing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Noj, a most recent example of how the attitude of people who support the likes of national party is kevin byrne, did you wake up one morning with a bulldozer next door ripping down an old house and replacing it with multi story apartments taking away any privacy you had, and you had no say in it. Also you can be sure that the mob who built Harbour Lights don't support Labor.
There are many more examples of which I can't be bothered to list now, so to say this mob has improved is a joke.