Sunday 15 March 2009

Queensland, beautiful one day

100,000 litres of fuel oil is now adorning the south-east Queensland coast after the MV Pacific Adventurer had a rather naughty mishap.
There are still 31 cargo containers, with 600 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, somewhere overboard, off the coast of Stradbroke Island. According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, if the contents disperse into Moreton Bay, it will be the equivalent of two thirds of the annual nitrogen load on the Bay in one hit, that will cause massive algal blooms and have potentially enormous impacts on the Bay's ecosystems.
Queensland, beautiful one day, oily the next. Just what out-going Premier Bligh needs in the last week of her tenure.


Anonymous said...

I think Lawrence Springborg is looking like an idiot over this. His rantings have done nothing to help the cause. He has shown that all he can do is critisise with no constructive ideas on anything. It seems all he can do is whinge at the moment and oh yeah dig up uranium. I still can’t see why we are even debating digging up another fossil fuel. There is only enough Uranium in the ground to last another 80 years. What happens then.? Come on Lawrence and show some real guts and subsidise the renewal energy sector. Give this sector some assurances and security to invest.

Anonymous said...

The idea of an 80 year policy from the LNP is hilarious Steven.

It's like asking someone who stares through the wrong end of a telescope to draw the rings of Saturn.

Anonymous said...

Where's the army? They should be trained and used in situations like this. Give them something constructive to do for a change.