Saturday 21 March 2009

Cook results so far

32 of 35 Booths in.

BATCHELOR (LNP) 46.18%. O'BRIEN (ALP) 53.82%


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

who can ever believe the cairns post, the courier mail and the australian ever again. news corporation, galaxy opinion poll and newspoll have been exposed comprehensively as a rabble of liars and incompetents who deliberately set out to deceive the public by manipulating their polls and twisting and distorting their election coverage to give advantage to a walking, talking joke, who has now thankfully removed himself from public life forever. the stink of corruption emanating from the cairns post and its news corporation stablemates is unmistakeable.

Anonymous said...

You are Kidding!
The new way to stay in your Govt. political job is to do nothing, say nothing, achieve nothing, but be there at the vote!
If you do choose to do anything, stick to the party line, and ignore the opposition from the people who happen to live there.

Anonymous said...

As a foreigner living in Australia, it's clear to all of us that you people are just electoral pussies. You sheep-like continue to vote party rather than local, complain when you get screwed by the politicans, and then queue up like sheep again to vote in the same blockheads time after time. What kind of morons vote in the son of a retired MP who has ZERO political experience other than being a loyal party hack?

Stop complaining about the Cairns Post, News ltd, and the politicans. Get a mirror and look into it, Australians. The problem is YOU.


Anonymous said...

Hello 'a'. As a foreigner living in Australia, you've developed a passionate attachment to certain political outcomes over here, combined with a deep fondness for Australia's most dangerous export: Rupert Murdoch. Interesting.

You also seem to have a very short name. Is that's normal in your culture? Or did you pick it up from FNQ locals?

Your opinion about Australians seems like a gross generalization to me. Perhaps that's normal in Alphabetland?

Anonymous said...

It's been emphatically proven: DE-AMALGAMATION IS DE-NECESSARY.


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

Here's a quote: the result is a total repudiation of the “united conservative force" - respected Queensland poll commentator Mark Bahnisch Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 2:45 am on the Pineapple Party blog.

The Cairns area has NEVER been a National Party area. That is the primary reason why all four Labor seats stayed Labor.

No amount of LNP flummery (such as including former Liberals Warren Entsch and Wendy Richardson in the campaign) can disguise the fact that the LNP is the National Party, with all the baggage, the lack of policy, the anti-social 1950s views, all the incompetence, all the failures of probity, the intellectual incapacity, that this implies.

In fact it is highly likely that Entsch and Richardson, two party hacks from an unlamented era rejected comprehensively by the Australian people, were part of the reason for the LNP defeat.

And the posts by the conservatives show why nothing will change for them: the same old born-to-rule mentality, the overweening arrogance, the blame-shifting, their inbuilt incapacity to look honestly at themselves, is there for all to see.

To wit, Get a mirror and look into it, Australians. The problem is YOU. Jerks. from a. This is their problem, and it shows no sign of going away.

And as for notthechaser, no, that's the old way that you stand for and it's why you were utterly rejected.

Anonymous said...

the voters of port douglas who were prepred to sacrifice preservation of the daintree, cape york wilderness, aboriginal people and islanders (esp women and children), the GBR, a ban on uranium mining etc etc all for the sake of their petty self centred deamalgamtion issue should hang their sorry heads in shame. amalagamation hasn't affected douglas's identity but your petulance and arrogance has demonstrated to the rest of qld that your green, progressive posturing is nothing but a farce. GET OVER IT

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

a point well made, Farmer. but it does seem they do genuinely want the LNP quick-buck bulldozers in there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Arthur FBT, some of those "conservatives" are fed up with the current State Govt, who have uttered platitudes and done nothing to enforce State Laws while the Developers have been allowed to rape and pillage our coastlines and waterways. Maybe there are others like me, who are fed up that money which should be spent on law and order, health, child welfare, education ends up being spent on chat fests trying to reinvent the wheel and Bureacrats sitting on their arses in Brisbane, sucking on the hind tit. Maybe, just maybe some of us thought that an opposition seat in one of the seats in Cairns would be a positive move.

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

to win a seat a candidate has to earn it. that is why there is no lnp member in the far north. the lesson ought not to be lost on the labor party, either. a significant factor in the swing against the alp was its failure to fully renew and re-energise itself when beattie left. the problem with lawrence springborg and the lnp is that even with an apple shoved into its mouth, it's still a pig in a poke.

KitchenSlut said...

I will simply post this link from a favorite website without comment or bombast, or resort to my thesaurus,as highly recommended in the pursuit of personal wisdom over primitive tribal loyalties.