Tuesday 31 March 2009

Over 12 months to get the job done

Today was the day, and not a moment too soon. You really don't want to rush such things.

Following our newly amalgamated Cairns Regional Council, merged from Cairns City Council and Douglas Shire Councils, after their marriage of convenience last March, we've been wearing the old stripes for over a year. Our old 'City Council' name has adorned the Spence Street office all this time.

I wrote to Noel Briggs last July asking when he was going to update the signage, but had no response. This was interesting, because the CEO was quick-smart ordering his workers to tear down the Douglas Shire Council's sign on the Mossman office the Thursday before last year's March election.

This morning the ripped down the old letters, and we now have the finished result, or do we? I welcome all suggestions for a replacement sign.


Quickie said...

Michael ... one moment you're promoting Julia Leu's de-amalgamation stance, then you're pro-amalgamation with regards to this sign ???
Perhaps Mr Briggs was just being prudent, waiting upon the state election results before changing the sign.
This is one area of Council business where the mayor has control.

Michael P Moore said...

I agree Quickie, but this is an operational matter that staff should have been directed to do a year ago by their boss - namely teh CEO

Quickie said...

I beg to differ Michael. This was a political decision. Once that decision was made, then it becomes operational. I believe Mr Briggs was waiting for some political direction from the only person that can direct him, that person being ... Mayor Val.

The Essence of Good Taste said...

I hope Mayor Val has more to worry about than what the sign out the front says! While I really don't care what we call the Council as long as they do their job, this is an operational matter. The State Government gave the policy direction last March.