Monday 30 March 2009

Fight still on for Douglas Shire

"I can assure you that we will most certainly be continuing to fight to get our Shire back," Robert Hanan of the lobby group Friends of Douglas Shire said today.

He says that the election result was a set back for the cause and presents a different set of problems to be faced over the next three years, however they maintain that their resolve remains unabated.

They have put out a plea to all supporters about issues considered that are the result of amalgamation and that could have a negative impact on the Shire and our community. "No matter how small, your vigilance will help us greatly," Hanan says.

The group is drafting another letter to Premier Anna Bligh, that now she has been elected in her own right, that she listens to their plight.

De-amalgamate Douglas Now banners are being produced by a generous sponsor, and are available to anyone to display, especially those on a road-side property. "We would also encourage everyone to place a 'de-amalgamation' sticker on their car, wheelie bin, even your dog," Robert says. "Anything that gets the message out there. They are popping up in Melbourne and Sydney so the tourists obviously have sympathy."

Stickers are available from Pecorino's, Goodies and In-Port Shoes in Port Douglas, or by emailing Friends of Douglas Shire. You can also telephone Robert on 4098 8280 or Michael Gabour on 4099 3667.

James Cook University are undertaking a Douglas Community Consultation Survey and have sent out 1000 surveys across the region. These need to be returned by 6th April.

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