Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Been inspired

I snapped this as I left the two-hour 'Be Inspired' presentation given by Andrew Griffiths last evening.
Just over 300 packed the Hilton's Ballroom, for some positive words, amid all the doom and gloom of the GFC.
The informal pic I caught of the larger-than-life Andrew, encapsulated his enthusiasm for facing all the negative news we're being subjected to across our media these days.
"All this doom and gloom is awful," he told the receptive crowd. "Life still needs to go on and business needs to carry on and adapt and be creative."
"We still will have to get up in the morning, go to the toilet, get dressed, have breakfast. However the media would have us believe we may as well roll over and die," Griffiths says, who commands big fees for expounding his words of wisdom to businesses across the country. Last night's function was free and he certainly wanted the audience to take away noting but a positive attitude.
He has a good point. The presentation was snappy, and laden with tips to get out there and face the weakening economy with diversity and creatively. Andrew gave the example that no city in Australia is better prepared than Cairns.
"We have faced cyclones and prepared for cyclones many times, we do it all the time," Griffiths said. "This situation is no different. I know there are some real situations and the effect that loosing jobs can have, but with all this focus on doom and gloom, it's very negative." He joked to say we should make sure the fridge is stocked full of beer, as we all seem to do as our first line of defence for an approaching cyclone.
Griffiths believes it's time to start sharing with other in business and working together as a community. "We can and will get through this together. At the end of any bad period, there's always a happy time. Let's look forward to that."
Andrew has always been a good friend and a strong supporter for CairnsBlog. He advocates that such forums allow everyone to debate and share viewpoints, but has been critical of those that hide behind pseudonyms, a point I agree with.
In lieu of any charge, Andrew encouraged everyone to donate to his favorite charity Abused Child Trust.


A fellow Business Owner said...

I would just like to say thank you to Mr Andrew Griffiths, Extrmely motivating, motivational speaker! The "Be Inspired" event last night was definatley something that we all needed. The fact that 350 local business owners turned up with another 150 on the waiting list just goes to show that this was a much needed seminar. You are an inspiration and doing great things to inspire others in this wonderful town, and i would rather join you and fellow business owners fight the issues that are putting fear into us all and overcome them. I want the light and celebration at the other end of the bad times, in fact your right, i love this bad time because i know there is an amazing time coming. Bring it on! To the rest of you bagging Mr Griffiths, i bet you have never in your life been to one of his talks or read one of his books. You all enjoy being miserable now and ave fun stressing about all the doom and gloom in your lives. Again, thanks Andrew... really appreciate you took the time to give present this seminar and lets all continue to support cairns local business and strive to make our own the best possible!

Thornton's Peak said...

Where can i get one of those "Hug a small business owner today" T-shirts? I know a businessman, oops!... I mean full time councillor that needs one

johnno said...

WOW!!!!!!so much energy, excitement, friendship, ideas, generosity and warmth from Andrew.
This Guy is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
But look at the Steve Wettenhall story in comparison - Sad, angry, disenfranchised and so much shame.
This is commentary to make John McKenzie proud!

Rradiativ said...

I was at the "rally" and book selling meeting as well. For people starved for a little attention, Andrew Griffiths is mildly entertaining. Motivational? I think not.

And a look around the room revealed a large number of small business owners who are currently riding their businesses into bankruptcy. I was hoping Griffiths would have practical business tips, but instead we were treated to an evangelical-inspired rally. A half hour later, I realised how cheated I felt.