Wednesday 11 March 2009

Freeview is very misleading

Have you seen the hundreds of TV ads about the so-called 'free-to-air' digital channels coming to a TV near you soon?

A parody of the Freeview TV commercial was removed from YouTube due to a ‘terms of use violation‘, but it’s creators have said their Mash-Up is fair comment and thereby the use of it is fair use.

For those who haven't worked out the meaning behind the Freeview campaign, which has been confusing and mis-leading,

“Freeview is a free service – so there is no comparable offer,” Robin Parkers says. “It will be up to the viewers to decide on the success of Freeview once the remaining channels launch.”

However with a $40 set top digital box from any retailer around Cairns, you can view all the same channels Freeview is promoting. It's a non-service. It's a Claytons offer.

"Get ready for more of the same" and "you can watch sports you’ve never heard of, news you can’t understand and even question time – yes, mother f****ing question time – all in crystal clear standard definition", the parody video says, taking off the TV Freeview advert.

Freeview promotes "15 channels" as their cornerstone. However, you won't see 15 new channels. They get this number by adding up all the different version relayed of the same channel. This includes HD and SD.

“What is exactly is Freeview really?” is the question many ask. Well, it’s just an advertising campaign, and a misleading one at that.

Watch what the clever clogs have done with their the parody of the nauseous TV advert. It's YouTube (below) or, if removed, try the mov file here.

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