Monday 16 March 2009

Will the real Pauline lay down?

Yesterday we were all tit-ilated with images of former One Nation leader Pauline as a 19 year old 'model' - outed by a former boyfriend.
However today, her lawyers have written to media outlets saying that the photos are not Hanson, and also also denies her having a relationship with former army soldier Jack Johnson who took the photos.
Johnson said he was travelling from the Oakey army base to Brisbane with mates when he stopped at the shop "and I started chatting up this young bird who was working there'', he told the Sunday Telegraph.
Like my mate at KiwiBlog, Hanson is a politician I have only contempt for, but no-one deserves to have their teenage intimate photos published publicly. She is standing for Beaudesert in this weekend's State election. Her former campaign manager has warned she may even be behind the photos' release as a publicity.


Anonymous said...

My mum warned me not to vote for girls like that.

Al said...

Tut-tut Michael, looking more like the Cairns Post front page than CairnsBlog.

Anonymous said...


"Please explain"

Anonymous said...

Well, you did ask Johno. Here's my best shot at a follow up story. Note: if you can't cope with bare legs, don't click HERE. Parental guideance recommended at all times.

Tony Hillier said...

While I too have no time for the redheaded former fish & chips purveyor, I sincerely hope she fries the living daylights out of the News Ltd editor in question for publishing photographs that were palpably not what they purported to be. It might just teach the bastards a lesson. Sharks on a red herring mission, you might say,

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a skank-free zone.