Saturday 21 March 2009

Sighs of the times

Today we don't need to many words. We've read all we need to. Let the piccies do the talking.

Here's my odd collection of the streetside littering of election propaganda over the last month. I hope they all clean them up by Monday.

Bryan started a trend, it seems. This one however, was not his handiwork.

Law was not above the law but the law didn't touch him. Desley was dammed if she did, and dammed if she didn't. Clever strategy Bryan.

A trailer for every occasion. First-time political hopeful Joel, did more pushing than dragging.

Would you want this wildlife looking after your pets?

The Barron River Greens are big tree-huggers.

Would you pull this mob around for another three years on your trailer? Some think so.

Maurice and Wayne love Steve.

My personal favourite. Desley the Clown. Whoever was behind this campaign, deserves a ticket to the circus.

Size doesn't matter in Mulgrave.

Who's gunna report the hazard?

Where's a good flood when you need one?

One of these signs are for a bunch of noisy kids, screaming at everything, shitting all over the place, making a real mess around the home, and never listen to their elders.
The other one is for a baby show.

Wendy is a bit too much to the right.

Desley outside the heritage-listed Herries Hospital. What the? She really does need a new hospital for the head operation.

Steve is a little too much to the left.

Vote 1 for Pitt, if you've got a pot.

Desley Out. Original as sliced ham.

Which Steve are you voting for?

LNP's Vic at the crossroads.

Another fabbo one. He really is de-lectable.

Just for the millions who missed this one. Wendy stuck in a boat yard.


KitchenSlut said...

Have just had a look at the QEC (Queensland Electoral Commission) to find where the results appear through the night as they did at the Federal Eloection with the AEC.

All I could find was a 'virtual tallyroom'where I needed to download and install a 6MB file which didn't work anyway as it required the prior installation of system.core. be installed in my global cache whatever that means and suggested that I contact my systems administrator.

It sounds like a sad metaphor for the Qld Healh systen really? Ah Queensland, beautiful one day, moonlight the next!

Can anyone advise on the best website to track results as I dont have a TV and disappointingly it does not appear to be the QEC?

Anonymous said...

ABC has a website, and they are streaming the TV coverage to the net.

KitchenSlut said...

There is nothing on those links Sally that provides anything like the kind of simple service we should anticipate and provided at Fereral elections and it's simply just another disgrace to Queensland ....

Anonymous said...

Did you try listening to the ABC radio? Old style :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for a wrap-up of some of the best signage for this election. A little humour makes things more bearable. Yes, I too hope they're all cleared up in the next few days, as one of the downsides of elections up here is seeing those same faces, again and again and again and again.... (etc), when out driving.

I also found it interesting that Herries Hospital seems to be coated in protective covering. Shame the old Yacht Club hasn't been afforded such protection.