Saturday 14 March 2009

Mossman sex motel

Tony Fox who manages the White Cockatoo Motel (he calls it a 'resort'), has been slammed by the Australian Nudists Foundation.

Although Fox promotes his accommodation as 'clothing optional', the local nudist fraternity and the Foundation has had substantial backlash over public sex and swingers parties that the Mossman motel proudly claimed would beat the local recession. Even Cairns Mayor Val Schier chimed into the debate, saying it was all good, so long as no laws were broken.

The Australian Nudists Foundation has said in new guidelines, what it expects of 'appropriate behaviour' for naturists - the awkward word to describe those who want to get their gear off.

I wrote about this subject back in 2007, which followed years of campaigning by many locals to gain Council and State support for a legal nude beach and introduce a new By Law, but it always fell on deaf ears. Besides the recently-approved beach at Bowen, there is no other officially sanctioned nude or clothing optional beach in Queensland for locals and visitors alike to strip off.

However, it is the actions and perceptions people gain from the likes of Fox's White Cockatoo (nicknamed white cock or two), that discredits legitimate nudists that simply want to enjoy the choice of social nudism. Tony Fox has a long history of outbursts and trying to speak on behalf of local nudists, yet every other group seems to despise his attitude and the way in which he divides and confuses the debate.

A survey of some local nude-friendly accommodation facilities, finds great disquiet about what Fox is promoting at his Mossman motel.

"It's got nothing to do with nude recreation, or legitimate nudist activities," one operator told CairnsBlog on Friday. "What Fox does is really ego-driven and is simply for his own benefit and personal satisfaction."

Robert and Alwin who run Robalwin, a nudist homestay at Smithfield, have never supported the outspoken Tony Fox and his 'anything goes' motel. They go about their long-term successful business with no expectation of pressure of their guests. "We have many returning guests to our bed and breakfast, Alwin says. "We've even had people come and stay with us after checking out of the Mossman Cockatoo days early."

In February, the White Cockatoo promoted a month-long orgy, under the guise of being a 'nudists resort'.

Paul Brown of the national Nudist Foundation says naturists enjoy social nudity, but like everyone else they keep their sex life private. "Many people erroneously believe that our lifestyle has sexual overtones, that couldn't be further from the truth, and we constantly have to remind people that we do nothing naked that you don't do fully clothed."

In their new website, Paul Brown says long-term nudists or even those just curious about trying public nudity for the first time, should have a look. "Don't worry, you won't encounter overt sex or swinging at any ANF affiliated club."

In 2005, the Cairns Post exposed Tony Fox's antics of his swingers parties and disgruntled guests, when he was only promoting a nudist resort.

I think he needs to drop his trousers and come clean.

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Peter Struik said...

It is great to see someone writing objectively about nudism in australia. The sensationalism surround nudism makes it hard to get our message across. Well done.

Peter Struik ANF