Tuesday 10 March 2009

Good question

Mayor Val Schier yesterday asked what State political parties would offer Cairns.

"I would think that both sides of politics would be interested in what Cairns Regional Council is saying it needs," Schier she said in the Cairns Post.

"We’ve had funding announcements about preschools … it would be good to hear from both of them what they are thinking about for Cairns."

The Mayor wants the CBD revitalisation project supported, as well as financial backing for the Trinity Wharf arts and cultural centre, and the proposed Edmonton sporting complex.

Even though the Val is on the Labor side of the political fence, this is the kind of statement that a Mayor should be asking at this time.

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Anonymous said...

Val asks lots of questions like this, however, the Cairns Post and Gavin King are always out to knock her down. She appears at events, even those put on by minority groups, and is out there getting to know the community. Even when there is no booze or food offered ! John Mackenzie won't let her on his show. When one recalls all the airplay he gave Kev. Give her a go and let her get on with doing her job ! It was a credit to her to be asked by the Federal Govt. to attend the local council infrastructure workshop. Only 20 or so Mayors selected out of over 500 nationwide. Well done Val !