Tuesday 31 March 2009

Let's have some real local representation

There's a movement gathering of disgruntled and politically-interested Far Northerners who want some real representation in our neck of the woods.

Calling itself the 'Voice for the North' under the North Queensland Party, it is starting to gather support.

Local Kwik Kopy business owner Darren Howie, says he's disgusted with the lack of real representation for North Queensland.

"I am totally disgusted and surprised at how lazy people were in voting Labor back in after all the anger in the community," he told CairnsBlog today. "There were so many issues that were were yelling out to hbe heard on. We continue to be treated as the poorer cousin to the South East."

Howie believes that Cairns and the greater north region is let down on basic infrastructure. "Our water and roads are simply left behind everywhere else. Then you look at how the farmers and local fishermen are treated. It's not good enough," he says.

"They've pissed me off enough that I propose we look at forming a North Queensland Party, to have a voice for the real issues of the north."

Howie says that public may be sick of politics after the last State election, but he says now is the time to get it registered. "Let's get the ground work done so when the Government trips over 'we' can pounce," Howie says.

Late last year a FaceBook group FNQ 1st was set up with the view to form a new political group for North Queensland. It has 39 members.

The group's organiser, Bluey Simpson, says that they're sick and tired of politicians selling out the North. "We believe the old major parties continue to let us down in favour of their political bosses in Brisbane," Simpson says. "Our only policy is that a greater proportion of Government money must be spent in North Queensland," he says.

Outspoken Cairns Regional Councillor Rob Pyne has often questioned why local politicians appear to igor locals and local issues instead the follow their Party's interest.

"Let's plant the seed and get the ball rolling," Darren Howie says.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th May in the Catalina Room, RSL Esplanade. You can call Darren on 4051 8197 or 0422 654 053 or email him.


Darren Howie said...

Thank you very much for taking an interest. I'm pretty confident that if we spread the word, and get the right people involved, it will snowball. it can only be a benifit to North Queensland. BUT, one step at a time. Keep the Faith

Ben Aveling said...

"A NEW political force, tipped to be headed by federal MP Bob Katter, is set emerge with the needs of North Queenslanders central to its policies.

The party, tentatively named the North Queensland Party is the brainchild of printer and semi-professional musician Darren Howie."


Any connection?

Michael P Moore said...

Yes Ben. Keep up:


Ben Aveling said...

How come one is organised by you and Bluey Simpson while the other one is the "brainchild of printer and semi-professional musician Darren Howie"?

Mandy Johnson said...

I wonder if a new party will achieve anything other than to split the vote of the main ones (obviously not Labor) pissed off with our current situation??

If it is going to be headed by Bob Katter, he will only do a lot of talking. He has only been able to talk since leaving a major party and not been able to achieve much - he does bring out attention to things but what has he actually achieved??

Think about it please.

I wonder also (as Ben does) why the two different parties? One Nation has kept the conservatives out of parliament since it came to fruition in 1996 - I would hate to see Labor laugh all the way through the next twenty years again as we have had to do for the last thirteen years in Queensland until the final One Nation was defeated this year.

All ON did was split the conservative vote.

People have to be serious and have proper policies before starting a party - not just start a party for the sake of having a party. What policies has Bob Katter got even though he has been on the parliamentary gravy train for many years? His policies are only to denigrate whatever any member or minister puts forward.

Some points are valid but what has he achieved except to be called the North Queensland Maverick? We need a profile that is not going to be laughed at.

Anonymous said...

Where would you build your Parliament?