Tuesday 10 March 2009

Money for nothing

As the ALP offered $36 million for tourism, the Opposition said the Tourism has been a joke to Labor and they are only now releasing a photocopy of the LNP's policy in a cynical attempt to win votes.

Cairns MP and Tourism Minister Desley Boyle says the funding will attract sporting and cultural events

The MP known as Demolition Desley after supporting the destruction on the historic Cairns Yacht Club building now believes a regatta could be run.

"We could give international cruising yachts the full length of the Great Barrier Reef to experience," Boyle says.

Her political opponent LNP's Joel Harrop says Labor has ignored Cairns' tourism industry. "We could well miss out on $2 million worth of annual funding from the sale of the airport."

During the eleven years of Labor Government, funding has increased by less than 4%, that's less than the rate of inflation during that period.

"Now, on the eve of an election, Labor expects tourism operators to forget eleven years of neglect and swallow today's announcement."

Just last month Desley Boyle, as Tourism Minister, told operators to smile through the economic crisis, and suggested that crocodiles terrorising tourists was good for business. She also said that tourism operators were whingers, like farmers.

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Anonymous said...

Those comment by Desley fit perfectly into her narrow minded view of the world. She wanted to ban all Bee Keepers from allowing their Bees to collect honey from State Forests until I told her Bees travel up to 30 kilometres foraging for pollen. She has banned horse riding clubs from enjoying forest rides. Desley wouldn’t know how to attract a blow fly let alone a million tourists. Anyone who is so short sighted to oversee the death of entertainment in the City over the past 10 years and to nail the final coffin shut by demolishing a “living” hundred year Historical building needs to be analysed by a shrink. They are certainly not fit to govern.