Tuesday 31 March 2009

Pull the leg

Cairns is great up top fun down under, according to Tourism Tropical North Queensland's new campaign aimed at those Gen Y's who love to get drunk and pee outside our nite clubs, followed by a nasty brawl with a local at three in the morning.
The yet to be launched website, Uptopdownunder.com promotes weekly wet t-shirt contests under the headline: 'gotta love the wet season'; and 'wet yourself in front of your mates' (rafting); 'four play' (on the beach), to name a few. All the postcards are here.
Even our night clubs come in for some promo where you can enjoy the 'night shift', when over the last 8 years almost all of our night life has been closed down, continually targeted by Police, and been forced under Council and State Government regulation to close not that long after midnight. Hardly welcoming for a so-called world famous tropical city.
Travel anywhere in Europe or the real tropics, and cafes and entertainment adorns the city all night long.
Shouldn't we get our house in order first?


Patti U. said...

I agree. Cairns has no class so let's go for the lowest common denominator. That seems to be the policy of TTNQ. Apparently we just can't have enough drunken backpackers wandering around at 3 a.m. can we.

Cairns is already being sold as the piss up tourist capital of Australia.

We get what we deserve.

T. Asquith said...

A very classy campaign, created I should think by the very same people who hold the Wicked Campers account.