Monday 16 March 2009

Selwyn Johnston calls candidate a 'deceitful cretin'

A stinging attack against independent Mulgrave candidate, Damian Byrnes has been launched today by former Cairns mayoral Council aspirant and JP Selwyn Johnston, who has questioned the candidate's credibility.

"As I have had the displeasure of meeting 'real Byrne' (a reference to former Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne) not the 'air-brushed' model, I would be delighted to impart an informed comment or three," Johnston says in a letter circulated today. He claims that the independent candidate doesn't live in the electorate of Mulgrave.

"Firstly, I have always had a big problem with any political aspirant who cannot vote for himself. As Byrnes will not vote for himself, why the hell should you and I vote for him? It's that simple, eh?," Selwyn Johnston said.

"You see this turkey lives at 2 English Street, Manunda, which is in the State electorate of Cairns!! He doesn't even live in the Mulgrave electorate and knows nothing or little of the real issues in Mulgrave and, as such, is just another political opportunist who has parachuted himself into our local community," Johnston wrote.
However, Damian Byrnes does have a stake in the electorate of Mulgrave. He has owned 31 acres in Little Mulgrave for some time, where he is moving to with his young family in August.
"Everyone who knows me, including many locals in Mulgrave, know that I have a long-term interest in this community," he said this afternoon. "I have lived on my land for some time in Mulgrave, but it was practical to live in town with our young baby over the last year," he says.
Johnston goes on to say in his letter that Byrnes only claim to fame is that he is a 40-year-old 'doctor' specialising in indigenous health.
"His lack of personal confidence is highlighted by his constant referral to himself as 'Dr Damian'! Most people ask, '… Dr Who'?" Johnston says.
"This clown also states his doesn't answer to any political party, however, he formed and is possibly the only nominated candidate for, wait for it, the Common Sense Party. Byrnes was also cunning enough to remove his 'common sense party' website before his nomination for Mulgrave."
"He has been described by others as, 'a 'deceitful cretin' who just wants to get his snout-in-the-taxpayers-trough!'. For many years, as most would know, I have encouraged voters to elect 'credible' independents. This clown is not, and doesn't warrant a second thought," Selwyn Johnston says in his abusive attack.
"Please be assured, I have no personal axe to grind with this candidate, it's just a matter of principle."
One can only conclude, that Johnston believes he's the only voice of an independent, having run for office numerous times unsuccessfully. There's no room for such hatred in politics. Everyone has the right to stand for public office, without such personal abuse.
"I happily invite everyone, including Selwyn, to my property at 176 Little Mulgrave Road, on Sunday - win, loose or draw this Sunday afternoon, to share my family's hospitality," Damian Byrnes said.
Selwyn Johnston ironically signs his letter 'respectfully, a Mulgrave resident voter.' Of course there's nothing respectful about Johnston's comments. As a Justice of the Peace, he should be ashamed of himself.
The footer of Johnston's letter has a quote from George Bernard Shaw, saying 'those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything. Maybe he should take heed of this.


Anonymous said...

It seems like Selwyn has revealed alot about himself. Bitter and twisted is my immediate impression of this fellow if what is writtin in this blog is true.

Anonymous said...

I have met Damien Byrnes and he seemed like a fairly rational guy who simply wants an accountable government.

Anonymous said...

Selwyn is a loopy as hell - he was an anti-fluoride campaigner until the last Council elections were held, when he became a Mayoral candidate, & of course didn't win. Then we have a rather large current anti-fluoride lobby here in Queensland, & where is Selwyn & his car-laden anti-fluoride banner? Nowhere to be seen. He was part of the Cairns City Council anti-rate hike protests back in 2006, yet is he still campaigning for it? No. There are other examples of this boot-scootin' (look at his shoes, folks) would-be candidate for everything.
I think he just wants a well-paying Council or Parliamentary job. Only my opinion, but my eyes are open.