Monday 23 March 2009

Labor are puppets on a string - Schmidlin

Infamous Cairns Post letter-writer, Werner Schmidlin writes, in the aftermath of the weekend State election loss to his party of choice.

I was flooded with phone calls and e-mails this morning, and people talked to me on my walk to pick up the Cairns Post, all saying the same; that they were dismayed and insulted by the Cairns Post front page caption “Awesome Foursome” – when “inept” or "puppets on a string" should have been in the place of “awesome.”
I am in total agreement with their sentiment.

It won’t be long and sodium fluoride is added to our water, your coffee or tea will not taste the same again, thanks to the people who voted to return this dictatorial Labor government. A person drinks only a small quantity of water a day.
So why does the water for the shower, flushing the toilet, doing the washing and watering our plants have to be fluoridated, where is the oral health benefit? And, worst of all, the fluoridated water that goes down the drain; will pollute the Reef.

Sodium fluoride, a hazardous-waste by-product from the manufacture of aluminium, is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas. It's historically been quite expensive to properly dispose of, so the aluminium industry with an overabundance of the stuff sells it at high prices to stupid governments.

The Nazis used fluoride to sterilize inmates and to make them docile. Sodium fluoride is a key dumbing down ingredient of Prozac and Sarin nerve gas.
Other impacts of fluoridation: constipation, fuzzy thinking and thyroid gland problems, to name a few.


T. Asquith said...

Werner, that all-knowing oracle and font of great wisdom, who selflessly blesses all with his frequent pontifications (on every subject on earth) is destined for great disappointment. It seems the majority of lesser mortals have a differing view.
Console yourself wise one, for they will be punished for their ignorance. They shall suffer fluoride induced constipation, fuzzy thinking and thyroid gland problems ... to name a few.

Anonymous said...

A person drinks only a small quantity of water a day. So why does the water for the shower, flushing the toilet, doing the washing and watering our plants have to be fluoridated, where is the oral health benefit?

Hmmm... If a person drinks only a small quantity of water a day, where is the health risk?

Three things come to mind whenever I see anti-fluoridation nonsense.

1. Dose response;
2. Dose response; and

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with any kind of forced dosing whether it be flouride or vacinations, but I did notice that the lnp were not going to change anything, so your comments don't hold water, fresh or not.

Unknown said...

move on people, nothing to see here

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

sublime, cairnsblog. sublime. I laughed till i cried. can we have his missus on tomorrow, followed by ray duncan on wednesday. how about offering some space to the great pretender. if this was really written by Mr Schmidlin, it is without a doubt the finest piece of commentary on the LNP i have read anywhere. i'll treasure it forever.

KitchenSlut said...

Festerbestertester,I understand your glee but your comment is beneath your intellect?

Just as we have seen the assumption that fishing party voters at a prior election must necessarily have been LNP we now see an assumption that flouride cranks must necessarily also be so?

The best story I have heard in recent weeks was from a beautiful alternative mature spiritual woman who has apparently convinced that flouride would thicken the skull and impact the ability of her soul to escape. I can assure you personally Festerbestertester that this was NOT a typical LNP voter.

The flouride placards were, i know, embarrassing to the liberal LNP member(s) who I count as friends and questioned by them. Unlike the last Federal election where the State-of-origin style completely unauthorised "vote for kev coz he's a queenslander" were illegally allowed outside polling booths all day with no action from the Electoral commission? Wow, such intellectual depth mate?

As someone who grew up with flouridated water I never cease to be amazed by some of the brainless rubbish that comes out on flouridation, particularly encountered in recent weeks during the election campaign, and any belief that this is restricted to party political lines is delusional ....

Disclaimer: My brother is a dentist so I have to say this or will be refused free dental care!

Arthur Festerbestertester said...

kitchen, i wasn't making a comment about fluoridation, or the people who don't support it - i was simply enjoying the fact that werner schmidlin, who is the personification of the lnp in the cairns post, got a guernsey on cairnsblog. and i'm still laughing at the glorious loopiness of it all. i especially love the last sentence; it's a pearler.

Anonymous said...

Werner Schmidlin sez:
"Other impacts of fluoridation: constipation, fuzzy thinking and thyroid gland problems, to name a few."

So Werner, if you mistakenly get some fluoride, how will any of us be able to tell?

KitchenSlut said...

Werner Schimdlin is the personification of the LNP in the Compost? Is this your basis also for any postings on the LNP?

Beats me, you are the one who actually reads the Compost Fester as I certainly dont. Maybe this is why I dont undertsand the world as you obviously do?

Anonymous said...

LNP's stance on Fluoride was to reintroduce referendums, not ENFORCE Fluoride as Labor is doing despite their own undertaking in 2006 to use referendums first.

LNP sought in 2008 to amend the Fluoride Act to this extent but were voted down by Labor. They then sought to add an amendment to subsidise the very expensive reverse osmosis filters for the sake of people who did not want fluoride. Again this was voted down by Labor.

Apart from the possible health risks (and don't forget we all consume extra fluoride when we eat food that is manufactured in places where water IS fluoridated and this is hard to track and therefore research) there is a cost/efficacy argument.

It is widely acknowledged by Health professionals that topical application (painting it directly onto teeth) is far more effective than drinking it.

One has to wonder, why not spend the money on Dental vans to travel through communities offering free fluoride treatment onto teeth.

These vans could also check on other dental health issues and educate at the same time, as fluoride does NOT guarantee cavity free teeth if poor diet and dental hygiene exist.

And don't forget there were MANY substances until recently thought to be safe that we now are sure are NOT safe. And the problems took decades to surface.

We have unexplained dramatic increases in diseases such as cancer and Dementia. And to top all this off, it can be proven that the fluoride added to water is NOT pure. It contains uncontrolled levels of heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic and requires the addition of an alumninium compound to restore the clarity of the water.

If you need any further questions to ask, perhaps one is "Why is Belgium exporting Fluoride to us, when they have just recently banned the addition of it to their own water supplies?"

This has been confirmed as correct. It is contained in an interview with Steven Robertson our former state health Minister.

Makes adding fluoride at least questionable in my view; hence I was very comfortable to support LNP's stance for the public to get better informed and then decide via a referendum.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting post Wendy.

As you describe it, the "LNP's stance for the public to get better informed and then decide via a referendum" makes good sense to me.

Incidentally, viewed from my perch in the hills, you seemed to run a very strong election campaign. Well done!

FWIW, I think you were let down by a much less popular Party leadership and might have won as an Independent.

Anonymous said...

The issue of fluoridation was big decades ago in Europe.

Basically the practice got banned, for instance in the Netherlands (High Court 1973), because there was no legal basis for a government to add any substance to drinking water.

It also interferes with the freedom of the individual to decide what it wants to consume, as the individual basically has to take in fluoride when drinking tap water, whether he/she wants it or not.

Furthermore, adding fluoride is not in line with the basic purpose of the provision of drinking water, which is definitely not medication of the masses!

The question whether it is good or bad for you should not have to enter this debate at all as it is really about how far a government should go and interfere with the freedom of the individual. I mean, if we allow one thing to be added to drinking water, or the government tell us what to consume, then what's next?

Indeed, if the goverment wants to look after the individual, then why doesn't it implement some of Richardson's suggestions, or maybe make dental care part of medicare (even basic checkups)?

Unfortunately, 'liberalism' is a scary word to the current goverment...

Anonymous said...

The anti-fluoride wackos are really getting tiresome. The selective information from these zealots is appalling.

Much of continental Europe DID stop artificially adding fluoride to the water. This was because it was discovered that most continental water contains natural levels of fluoride. What they zealots also don't tell you is that many of these areas have fluoridated salt, and sometimes milk.

There is no question that fluoride ingestion at these very low levels has a major impact in reducing cavities, especially in children who's permanent, but unformed teeth benefit greatly from fluoride.

Captain Bligh has spoken on this issue. The battle has ended. The good guys won. The rest of you, get lost.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the debate whether it is good or bad is tiresome. And unnecessary, as I just stated above.

My parents gave me fluoride pills when I was young, so I am not anti fluoride. I understand the benefits fully, I have benefited from fluoride and great dental care and have good teeth as a result.

But, what I want to know is where the government gets the right to force me to consume something I (or other people) don't necessarily want to?

In my view this debate is similar to the one whether you can force people with certain religious persuasions to accept vaccinations or a blood transfusion when they believe you are interfering with the will of God when you do so. Some (probably most) may think that it is better to be vaccinated or accept blood after being wounded, but some people just don't agree, so should you force them?

I am not even necessarily against fluoridation per se, it is a matter of principle to me.

I am anti a government that interferes with my freedom to decide what I do with my own body. I don't need captain Bligh looking after me thank you very much.

And "Fluoride is Great", please show some respect for people who do not agree with your point of view. With calling them wacko you achieve nothing. Quite the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dutchie for bringing some common sense to this discussion. It's good to see there are people commenting who can see the bigger picture rather than the usual idealists - from both sides- who want to push their own slanted beliefs down our throats - literally.

T. Asquith said...

If I may have the last word? Fluoride in drinking water will induce constipation, fuzzy thinking and thyroid gland problems ... to name a few. We know this; Werner said so. But console yourselves; as you sit on your dunny for that extra hour or two each day, trying to remember what it was you had to remember - it will be with excellent knashers that you can take to the grave.

Diana Buckland said...

Freedom - Freedom to choose what goes into our bodies, Freedom to choose to not consume S6 poisons in our water supplies for the rest of our lives, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to make our own choices in general. Freedom to open our minds and see what is to be seen.
When those in power remove any of these it is a dictatorship.

I would also like those to have a look at this if not already seen. Also I have compiled a lot of information on conflicts of interests also on Fluoride Information Australia that some of you may be interested in.

I have done this volunteer work for 20 years after my son almost died after his 4 months of age vaccination,
I started to ask questions some time after that with an open mind, one has to be fully and truthfully informed. I do it because I care about us all, and no one should be able to force you to consume a toxic poison, it's that simple. DB

Please study this hereunder if you would like to.


I don't think it would be too extreme to say that in the future I think there will be massive litigation in those countries with silicofluoride poisoning of the water supplies aka "water fluoridation schemes" involving all those who were instrumental and a party to the forcible silicofluoride poisoning of the peoples' water supplies.

This Email from: Diana Buckland, Kallangur, Queensland, Australia
Calling a Global Revolution and an immediate, permanent and irrevocable

These are dangerous poisons & the Evidence of Harm in
The scientific, medical, dental & court evidence received in
worldwide submissions proving that fluoridation causes disease,
deaths, tooth decay & is useless & environmentally destructive
has been suppressed, buried & denied by Governments & their interests.


Judge Flaherty’s statement “Proponents of fluoridation are absolutely
right about one thing; there is no real controversy about fluoridation
when the facts are heard by an open mind”.

An example of Fluoride S6 Poison IN YOUR

Massive collusion, corruption & conflicts of interests

Our members review of evidence over the last eleven years,
including animal & human epidemiology studies, indicate a
causal link between fluoride/fluoridation & cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment & bone pathology.
some info removed could not fit in.